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Hosting a Fitness for the Fight event allows you to show the fitness community that you are serious about fighting back against cancer.  You choose the format; time and date that works best for your facility. Then invite your local community to participate in your event and support the life-saving mission of the American Cancer Society. Join us as event participants, supporters, and volunteers as we come together to honor cancer survivors, raise awareness about reducing cancer risk, and raise money to help the American Cancer Society fight the disease.

Your participation allows the American Cancer Society to help people facing cancer today and find cures to end the disease tomorrow. Through sponsorship, and the fundraising efforts of our participants, we will finish the fight against cancer.

Upcoming Events:

Orangetheory Fitness

NB Fitness Club Sweat4Cancer

Train4Life Weight Loss Challenge


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Sponsor Opportunities

Join other area business leaders as they celebrate the important work that happens every day to help finish the fight against cancer.

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Download or print materials that help you and your team promote and raise funds for the American Cancer Society Fitness for the Fight event.

Fundraising Tips

The number one reason people donate to American Cancer Society events is because someone asked them to.



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Top Participants
  1. I Made a Donation Lexi Wing - $665.00
  2. Lindsey Norse - $185.00
  3. I Made a Donation Neil Weingarten - $100.00

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  1 -  OrangeTheory Fitness       ($4,981.00)
  2 -  Train4Life       ($200.00)