Endure Ride

Sunday, August 14, 2016

7:15 a.m.

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Wilkes University
84 W South St, Wilkes Barre Map it

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It's back!! Join Team Endure as we kick off our summer of support & cycling for the American Cancer Society with a Happy Hour at Montage Mountain on Friday, June 10th.  Join us now!

We want to hear your stories!  We want to know why you've Endured! Whether you're riding in memory of a family member or friend or challenging yourself to complete the 10, 38 or 62-mile course, we want to know.

One our long-time riders, Holly Evanoski, let us know why she has participated in Endure.  If you have a moment, here is her story....

Holly Evanoski PicCancer.  It was a word I heard several times before the age of 25. Older family members and cousins had it. Usually it wasn't life threatening for them but was still upsetting for them and the rest of the family to hear. Then when I was in high school, my mother was diagnosed was breast cancer. It was strange and startling to see my vibrant mother slowly get sicker become listless and lose her hair. She wasn't my mother for a while, she was a prisoner to chemo and radiation treatments.  She was eventually cured and has been cancer free for over 12 years.

Not long after mom was out of the woods, my father was diagnosed. Ok, "Round Two," I thought.  We as a family made it through mom's cancer and we can do it again. It was a completely different story with my father. "Big Andy" as he was affectionately called, was given 3 months to live. He fought valiantly for six long years. He endured countless infections, blood clots, and allergic reactions. He may have wanted to give up at times, but always found the strength to keep going.  Big Andy eventually passed on December 21st of 2009.

It was the August before my dad passed that I started riding in Endure. It made me feel good that I was riding for him and I think it gave him some brief happiness as well.  The Endure after he passed was tough, but I felt like he was riding with me.  That year there was a gentleman riding who was in the middle of treatments. I watched him hug his family at the end of the ride and it was after that I decided I would always participate in Endure. I no longer have a father to meet me at the finish line, but I want cancer patients to reach their own finish line and step over it together with their families. Even though I still carry pain over the loss of my father, I leave Endure every year smiling.

Cancer patients are enduring everyday while receiving treatment, their families are enduring as they assume the role of caretaker to ease the burdens of their loved ones. Oncology doctors and nurses are enduring to save the fragile bodies of patients and make them whole again. I hope that anyone who reads this will Endure this summer and take a ride with my friends and I as the American Cancer Society continues to strive to reach their own finish line and end cancer forever.

Please join Holly and us on August 14th at Wilkes University for the 8th Annual Endure!

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