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We have 17 participants in the Grand Club! 

Nice work Ruth, Mary,Lorraine, Phyllis, Laura, Anne, Charles, Sandra, Brittany, Garth, Robyn,  Bonnie, Teresa, Barbara, Maureen, Diane and Cindy!!!!!!!!!!!

Fabulous job Grand Clubers!!


 Questions: Look at Day of Climb under Event Information, everything you need to know to make Climb fun!!

 Email : phoenix.climb@cancer.org

Online registration is Closed, you can register on site Saturday!!!!!!

 Finish the Fight!   

Come Rain or Shine we are CLIMBING!!

Cancer never stops, so neither do we!!!!

Park and Ride

 Park N Ride busses will begin loading climbesrs to head to the mountain at 6:00 am. Last bus leaves the top at noon and the bottom Festival at 12:30pm.

    • Busses will head to the mountain when full.
    • The last bus to get back to your cars at the park and ride locations leaves at 12:30 pm from the Festival at the bottom.
    • Lot 1: South Point High School
    • Lot 2: South  Mnt. College
    • Lot 3:  South Mnt. Community Center


 By supporting this event, you help make the American Cancer Society’s mission possible, and that helps us all move closer to our ultimate goal: a world with less cancer and more birthdays

American Cancer Society
Celebrates more Birthdays!

Climb to Conquer Cancer of Phoenix
South Mountain Park
10919 S Central Ave, Phoenix

Saturday, February 28, 2015, 7:00AM-12:00PM

 208 teams & 3,607participants have raised $322,920.25
Total above may not reflect all participants, teams, and donations

 There are still 1 days until climb 
Climb to Conquer Cancer is a unique activity held by the American Cancer Society in our western states. It is a unique event that offers everyone in a community the opportunity to participate in the fight against cancer.
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Climb to Conquer Cancer represents the hope that those lost to cancer will never be forgotten, that those who face cancer will be supported, and that one day cancer will be eliminated.

Climb to Conquer Cancer is a one day event, where teams of 8 to 15 people participate in a hike through beautiful mountain scenery, and take part in the festival area. Each team of 10 or more participants has the opportunity to submit their own artwork for the back of their t-shirts, and to participate in fundraising for the event. Our festival features entertainment, food, and a special celebration of cancer survivors.

Because Climb to Conquer Cancer is a non-competitive event, anyone and everyone can participate. Teams form from businesses, clubs, families, friends, hospitals, churches, schools and service organizations. These individuals all share a common purpose - their support of the American Cancer Society’s Mission.

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Our Sponsors

Our Sponsors

 Top Participants

  1 -  Ruth Stahl       ($8,803.36)
  2 -  Mary Staeuble       ($6,960.00)
  3 -  Lorraine Bergman       ($4,185.00)
  4 -  Phyllis Gurstell       ($2,523.00)
  5 -  Laura Miller       ($2,275.00)
  6 -  Anne Ruiz       ($2,208.00)
  7 -  Robyn Forbes       ($1,885.00)
  8 -  Charles Newman       ($1,790.00)
  9 -  Sandra Wellman       ($1,785.00)
  10 -  Garth Bailey       ($1,620.00)


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 Top Teams

  1 -  Rears in Gear       ($15,216.49)
  2 -  Caliente Construction       ($15,190.00)
  3 -  U-Haul       ($11,685.00)
  4 -  Go Metro West!       ($9,435.00)
  5 -  Let's get it ON!       ($8,612.00)
  6 -  TY's Mounties       ($8,530.00)
  7 -  ON Semiconductor       ($8,443.00)
  8 -  JP Morgan Chase       ($5,628.00)
  9 -  Microchip Technology       ($5,372.00)
  10 -  Team FLEW       ($4,360.00)


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 Top Companies

  1 -  Wells Fargo Bank       ($51,595.71)
  2 -  ON Semiconductor       ($22,334.00)
  3 -  Bank of America / Merrill Lynch       ($15,886.49)
  4 -  Caliente Construction       ($15,190.00)
  5 -  U-Haul       ($11,685.00)
  6 -  none       ($8,629.00)
  7 -  JP Morgan Chase       ($7,583.00)
  8 -  Microchip Technology       ($5,372.00)
  9 -  APS       ($3,610.00)
  10 -  Health Services Advisory Group, Inc.       ($3,085.00)


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