Stand Up To Cancer

When we all come together, cancer doesn't stand a chance.
The Stand Up To Cancer telecast is over, but you can stand up in your community through
Relay For Life. Search for an event near you to sign up today!

There were 14,159 people attending viewing parties nation-wide to Stand Up To Cancer!
Together they raised $494,696.02 in the fight against this dreaded disease!

Luminaria Dedication

"Crazy" Uncle Ed Cowden
"F.R.I.E.N.D.S. for LIFE!"
"Frankie" Aunt Nancy Wagner
"Grannie" Dorothy Cowden
"Iron Warrior" Dave Harless
"Mickey" Diaz my Brother
"MY GIRLS" Lauren & Cara
"Papa" Duane Kirkes. "fore-ever" in our hearts!
"SURVIVOR 77" Mike Duran
#1 Dad Ronald J Angels
#12 Jim Kelly
( Dad & Pap) Lawrence J. (Fuzzy)Seeman n
(Grandma) Betty Estes
(Mom) Della J Vaught
1Jim Brodbeck
2 Many - Family & Friends
A Beautiful, Amazing Friend~Judy Gumbiner~Miss You & Love You
A newly diagnosed friend.
A very special girl and the strongest person I know.
A World without Cancer
a world without cancer!
Aaron Chaney
Aaron Feinstein, my wonderful Grandpa
Aaron Varner
Abby Grace *forever5*
Abe and Myra Bornstein
Abraham S. Braude
Ada Garcia
Ada Lopez
Adam Bingaman
Adam Brizendine
Adam Joseph Crites
Adam Joseph Crites
Addie Hoffner
Addison K. Griffin
Addy Jo Clifton
Adelaide Hollandsworth
Adelaide Mustaro
Adele Freedman
Adeline Waichunas
Adolf Beich
Adolph Henriot +Jeanne Henriot Taucher
Adolph Henriot +Jeanne Henriot Taucher
Adrian Gagne
Agnes Colaneri
Agnes P. Deleon Guerrero
Agnes Rimmer
Agnes Russell, 14 Yesr survivor
Agnes Stewart
Aida Orozco
Aileen Lovern
Al Andrade
Al Bace
Al Barsch
Al Bauer
Al Klevorn
Al O'Laughlin
Alan & Sheila Rigg
Alan A. Baker
Alan Bachelder
Alan Blanchard
Alan Georgeson
Alan M. Alsheimer, Sr.
Alan Sanders
Alayna Garcia
Albert & Joan Beavers
Albert C. Dorman Jr.
Albert G. Gross
Albert Gregorio
Albert Ornelas
Albert Raper
Albert W Varesio
Alcira Sierra
AlecMS... We truly miss you.
Alessio "Lefty" Frezza
Alex J. Whiddon, III
Alexis "Lexie" Kyle Hill
Alex's Lemonade Stand
Alfred D. Cappetta, a cherished Dad, Grandpa and Great Grandpa from heaven, gone too soon.
Alfred J. D'Angelo Sr.
Alfred John Kirpas and Janyss Rondeau
Alice Aulozzi
Alice Briney
Alice Conklin
Alice Cullen
Alice Culpepper
Alice Drudge
Alice Hoza
Alice Hunter Tannehill
Alice Johnson
Alice Jones (our mom, grandmother and friend)
ALICE LASSITER, My amazing Mom.
Alice Wright
Alicia Blanca Gonzalez
Alicia Cavazos
Alicia Gonzalez
Alicia Richards Milligan (NUT Midline Carcinoma)
Alicia Smith
Alicia Traver-2 More Years To Cancer Free!!
Alisa Jackson
Alisha Florence Tuss
Alison Padula
All A.C.C. Warriors... gone & still fighting!
All Alaskan Survivors
All Breast Cancer Survivors
All cancer fighters
All Cancer Fighters and Survivors
All Cancer Patients
All Cancer Survivors
All Cancer Survivors
All Cancer Survivors
All cancer survivors
All Cancer Survivors - Keep up the Fight!
All cancer survivors and their caregivers!
All Cancer Survivors for RFL Fredericksburg/Stafford
All Cancer Survivors!
All Cancer Warriors-Fight Like a Girl!!
All children who have lost their innocence because of cancer.
All family and friends battling cancer
All family and friends that continue to fight or have lost the fight. Love you all and miss you all.
All family and Friends who are or have battled cancer.
All family members and friends who were lost their fight against cancer and for who we work to finish the fight.
All family members, friends and cancer patients, specially children
All Family, Friends and Me
All Friends and Family
All friends and family that have fought this horrible disease.
All friends and family who lost the fight
All Lost, All Fighting
All My Family & Friends Who Have Battled Cancer
All My Family & Friends Who Have Fought the Battle
all my family and friends
all my family members lost & Brandi
All my family members lost to cancer
All my fellow Breast Cancer Survivors!
All my friends & loved ones who lost the fight...
All my friends and family fighting cancer
All my friends and family still fighting.
All my friends and family touched by cancer
All My friends and Loved Ones.
All My NPS Friends
All my SURVIVOR friends - you know who your are!!
All My Survivor Sisters!!!!!!!!!
all of my family & friends who have either gone on to be angels or are still fighting & surviving! I love you!!!!
All of my family and friends who battled cancer
All of My Friends and Family that have been touched by Cancer <3
All of my loved ones who have been touched by cancer. We will never stand alone! ~Angela Saunders
All of our family and friends who lost or won the battle against cancer and those who continue to fight
All of our friends and family members fighting cancer.
All of our friends and family members that have or are battling this disease.
all of the children that have to hold their parents as they die from cancer
All of those who continue the fight
All of those who I Relay for...
All our family and friends in the fight for their life
All Our Family and Friends! Love Jack and Mitzi Bartlett
All our loved ones we've lost and all our loved ones who are fighting
All Ovarian Cancer Survivors
all people that have survived cancer
All Survivors
All Survivors
All Survivors
All Survivors and the ones going through treatment!
all survivors and anyone strugging with any form of this horrible disease.
All survivors and those fighting the battle
All survivors past and present!
All survivors. You are my heroes.
All that have lost their battle and those that continue to fight
all that have suffered from this terrible disease
All the Caretakers of cancer patients
all the people in my family who have had cancer. The survivors and those we've lost.
All the special people on and through the journey
All the survivers
All the Survivors at Life Center Church I Pray You Kick Cancer in the Butt.
all the warriors, past, present & future
All the Wittner-Hernandez Family & Friends who have battled cancer
All those continuing the fight
All those fighting cancer
All those fighting cancer
All those fighting the battle
all those fighting the fight!
All those fighting this fight.
All those on my Relay Star
All Those that Lost Their Battle to Cancer as well as All the MANY survivors out There!
all those touched by cancer
all those we've lost too soon
all those who are fighting, have fought, or have lost their battle
All those who are in the fight
All those who are still fighting this enemy
All those who fought cancer alone.
All those who have been lost
All those who have had to hear the words, "You have cancer".
All those who have lost their battle.
All those who have won their fight!
All those who lost their lives to cancer
All those working to Finish the Fight
all who are fighting and all we have lost
All who are fighting the battle
All who are fighting the Battle, be strong!!
All who are fighting.
All who have and are fighting the fight
All who have battled Cancer
All who have last the Battle
all with cancer
Allan Engle
Allen H. McElheny
Allen Hawk - DAD
Allen Nathan, Sr.
Allen Stewart
Allen W. Hinds
Allison Burdette, daughter JB
Allison Jean Teter
Allison Marie Haake
Allison Winans
Allison, Sheri, Susan and all others battling cancer.
Allyson Fairfield
Alma Kendrick (mom and GiGi)
Alphonse Beauregard
Althea Blanschan
Alton Aaron Keeling
Alvin Eggl
Alvino Castellano Sr.
Alycia Aumuller
Alyne Koreski
Alyne Koreski
Alysen Hall
Amanda Blount
Amanda Borchin-My Daughter
Amanda Brini
Amanda Davis and all those affected by cancer
Amanda Hettmann
Amanda Jo Ebensteiner
Amanda Sue Wilson
Amazing Gracie
amazing husband Ernest
Amber Caroline Reynolds
Amber Pighin Beham
Amy Artis
Amy Bobo Tucker
Amy Carlson, Alice Gustafson
Amy Jo Turner
Amy Mayberry
Amy McDevitt
Ana De Carvalho , Nora Romero and All the cancer survivors.
and support of my sisters Elva and Priscilla,and myself...for battling and overcomimg lung, cervical and ovarian cancer...
Andi Abruzzo
Andre Jon Rivera Castro
Andre Jon Rivera Castro
Andre Jon Rivera Castro
Andre Jon Rivera Castro
Andrea Thompson
Andrew Cochrane
Andrew Mace
Andrew Park - Stay Strong
Andrew Price
Andrew R. Giddens
Andy Butt
Andy Davenport
Andy Dyer
Andy Maynard
Andy Regalia
Angel Butz Santiago
Angel Cheers - Relay For Life of Douglas County Nebraska
Angel L Ortiz Sr "El Cano"
Angel Martel, Love You Always, Daddy, Miss You Forever!!!!!
Angel T Martel, Miss and Love You DAD
Angela A Morrow
Angela C Cook
Angela Cavallini
Angela Goehring Taylor
Angela Massa De Rosa
Angela Pafford
Angela Rickard
Angela Skelton
Angela Tebbe
Angela Wright and Tinika Tramlee
Angelica Hurtado Horne
Angelo Buffa
Angelo Cinardi
Angi Bremer
Angie Cook
Angie Everly
Angie, Kim, Kristin & Jamie
Anita C. Grab, Beloved Mother & Grandmother
Anita Grant
Anita Medrano
Anita Segaline
Anita, Dianna
Ann "Pattie" Rivera
Ann & Robert Voss
Ann and Lewie Hill
Ann Calfee Alden
Ann Clay
Ann Cunningham
Ann Delese
Ann Hiler
Ann Keesler
Ann Khadaran
Ann Marie Miller
Ann P. Manuszewski
Ann Price
Ann Stevenson
Ann Taylor
Ann Whittaker
Ann, Betty & Bill McGrath
Anna Hart
Anna Hays Polk
Anna Hulings
Anna Jane Riethmiller
Anna M. Byram - Mom..Miss you everyday!
Anna Mae Dexter
Anna Richey
Annabelle Strausser
Anne C. Costa
Anne D and Guy D Busa
Anne Lee Somera
Anne M. O'Brien
Anne Ryan
Anne Schierts
Anne Shogan
Anne Stallings
Anne Stephens
Anne Stephens
Annette Bryant
Annette Cahan
Annette Crockett - Best Friend
Annette Marraffa
Annette Renee Hamilton
Annette Renee Hamilton
Annie Fellow
AnnMarie Ruane
anthony angeline
Anthony Arroyo
Anthony Badamo
Anthony C Zammiello
Anthony Edward Castillo
Anthony Edward Kozla 08/30/1970 - 06/11/2013
Anthony Heaton
Antoinette Carrieri
Antoinette Cognatello
Antoinette Simone
Antoinette Stone
Antonia R. Hernandez(Mercedes, Tx)
Antonio Bifulco
Anyone Who Has Ever Faced This Fight
April Austin
April, Flo, Darlene, Barb, Deborah, Lavella, Celia, Alta, Wanda
Arlan Silsdorf
Arlenda Washington
Arlene Dully
Arlene Lopez
Arlene Mae Nagel
Arline Beyersdorf
Arline Black
Armand Hoover
Armand J Gamache Jr
Arne Thomsen & James Trost, Sr.
Arnett C Phillips Jr.
Arnold Harry Baker
Arnold L Alexander, Jr.
Arnold L. Alexander, Jr.
Arnold R. Knight #34
Arnold Stai
Arsene & Robert Brown, Beverly Cuthbertson
Art Heggen
Art Leining
Art Mazerole Sr.
Arta 'Mom' Larson
Arthur Adams
Arthur Michael Calvano
Arturo Bejar
Arturo Diaz
Ashley Dawn Haskin
Ashley Deck
Ashley Elizabeth Daniel
Ashley Gayle Mullins Boothe
Ashli Hepler
Athel Woodcock
Athena G. Furgason
Aubrey Lynn Standley
Aubrey Vis a.k.a. "Best Wife Ever"
Audra McMillian
Audrey V. Brown
August & Suzanne Furst
Aunt "Tootie" Zarnick
Aunt Ada
Aunt Ann + Cecilia miss you every day.
Aunt Diane Staben and Aunt Sadira Tash
Aunt Gladys
Aunt Hazel Shelley
Aunt Jane Smith
Aunt Joanne
Aunt Josie
Aunt Kathy
Aunt Linda, Betty & Noreen
Aunt Norma, Aunt Doris, Aunt Jeannette, Uncle Gary, and Grandpa Buehrer
Aunt Peg
Aunt Tammie
Aunt Tootie!
Aunt Tricia...stay strong and keep fighting!
Aunt Trudy Detchon
Aunti Frances, Steve Moore, Mike Moore & Lauren Charles
Auntie "Faye" King
Auntie Esther Hernandez
Auntie Mary Kurator
Auntie Molly 11/15/96 - 08/12/14
Auntie Nancy
Aurora Trejo
Austin Thacker
Baby Girl - Molly Widner 08/12/14
Baldomero Cervantes
Baran & Hudacko Family
Barb Andrews
Barb Cline
Barb Frantz-My Best Friend
Barb Hagstrom, Frank Woytassek, Virgil Woytassek and Rita Lehman
Barb Hagstrom, Frank Woytassek, Virgil Woytassek and Rita Lehman
Barb Heine
Barb Lebel
Barb McClure
Barbara & Ronald Gernat
Barbara A Rieck
Barbara and Jerry Thornton
Barbara Ashley
Barbara Carpenter
Barbara Coppes
Barbara Cowart
Barbara Irons
Barbara J. Thompson
Barbara Jean Schutz
Barbara Jo Davis
Barbara Kelly
Barbara Kelsall
Barbara Kennedy
Barbara Kollander
Barbara Lacoursiere-A Very Special Lady!!
Barbara Lynde
Barbara Martiny
Barbara Matti my beautiful mom
Barbara Moser Holcomb
Barbara Nickles
Barbara Parker
Barbara Pistilli
Barbara Primm Lipka Coopersmith
Barbara Rameriz
Barbara Reeves
Barbara Rose
Barbara Rosenthal
Barbara Siegel (Mom)
Barbara Sims
Barbara Sturgeon
Barbara Tankersley
Barbara Vaughn
Barbara Winter
Barbi Jordan
Barbra Kamer
Barlielynn Lucio
Barry Burgoyne, RIP Warrior Against Ewing Sarcoma
Barry D Laravie
Barry Dawes
Barry J. Mahar
Barry Kilpatrick & Inez Weaver
Barry Leu
Barry Malkin multiple myeloma
Barry Newman
Bart Munoz (Abo)
Bart Munoz (Dad)
Baylus Monroe
BC Razzolini
Bea Case
Beal Moore
Beatrice M. Cappelmann
Beatrice Mosqueda Estrada
Beatrice Newvine
Beautiful Daughter Dani Leseberg
Beautiful Lucia
Becca Hayes - our six-year-old angel in heaven
Becka Sernick
Becki Sanders
Becky and Tom Judge
Becky Ann Kritz - Colon Cancer Survivor!!
Becky Augsburg
Becky Novak. I love you mom!
Becky Ring
Becky Schotte
Becky Volk
Belinda White
Bella Yakos
Beloved Brother and Sister of Michael Cusack
Beloved Brother Jim Vucci
Ben Busche
Ben Gaetanos
Ben Underhill
Ben Wilson
Benicia City Employee Survivors and Fighters
Benicia Soroptimist Survivors
Bennie Cason
Bera Lee Crane
Berkley Witkowski
Bernard Stevens Love & Miss you, Cutie!!
Bernice Evans
Bernie Loehr and Debbie Loehr Kruse
Berta Gonzalez
Bertis G. Seegers
Beryl C Kellerman-My Dad
Beryl Scott
Bess Romanello, my Mother
Bess Smith
Bessie Kellerman
Beth A. Berghoff
Beth Haneman
Beth Jewell
Beth Johnson
Beth Krause
Beth Roddy
Beth Rundquist
Beth Schebler
Beth Smith
Bethany Jo Bierly
Betsi Brooks Krumm
Bette Bequette
Bettie Bowman, loving Mother and Grandmother
Betty "GiGi" Baker
Betty & Richard, my parents, miss U 4 ever
Betty and Bud Hamilton, loving parents
Betty Byers
Betty Casteel
Betty Davis
Betty Hillenbrand
Betty Huntley
Betty Jane Tinkham
Betty L. Webb
Betty Lunneborg
Betty Marer
Betty Neu
Betty Oyler
Betty Porterfield
Betty Ribaudo
betty sweet
Betty Walters
Betty Wrobel
Beulah Sampson
Beverly "Maw-Maw" Rehkopf
Beverly Eden
Beverly Handy
Beverly Hubbuch
Beverly Jean LaVarre
Beverly Kreisher
Beverly Sheridan
Bianca F. Rega
Big Daddy-Neil---love alayna
Big Mama K.K.
Bill and Mary Sandifer
Bill and Paul Arink
Bill and Rosie Loutsch
Bill Bennett
Bill Biggerstaff
Bill Brewer
Bill Brewer
Bill Burgmeier & all cancer warriors!!
Bill C. Taylor
Bill Campbell
Bill Chaney
Bill Cook
Bill Copelin and Tiffany Copelin
Bill Cushing
Bill Cusick
Bill Davis
Bill Dieball Sr.
Bill Dolson
Bill Driscoll
Bill Goshorn
Bill Griffus
Bill Hoskins
Bill Jackson
Bill Kaiser (best Dad)
Bill Laxson
Bill Levegood
Bill Madigan
Bill Marshall
Bill Marshall of Wallingford CT
Bill McIntosh / Grandpa MAC
Bill Miller
Bill Slezak
Bill Snead Sr.
Bill Steele
Bill Sydnor
Bill Templet
Bill Thomason - Miss you Uncle Bill!!
Bill Wallace
Bill Watts
Billie and Roland Tuley
Billie Ann Caza
Billie Ann Caza
Billie Jean Reed
Billie Reynolds - Breast Cancer Survivor
Billie Tinant Murphy
Billy Allen Meyer
Billy C, Mike V and other friends of the SanFilippo's
Billy Leo Smith, My Dad, My Hero, Lung Cancer
Billy Richard Plank
Bina Melancon
Bishop Paul H. Young, Jr.
Biss Peterson
BJ McCray
Blake Childers...I love and miss you!
Blake Dotson
Blake Dotson
Bland Burchett
Bob & Julie Boehm
Bob & Pat Sisson
Bob and Dixie
Bob Brodie
Bob Bueno
Bob Chrystal, Sr
Bob Dotterer
Bob Gori
Bob Jackisch
Bob Jenkins
Bob Keenan
Bob Moore
Bob Pouliot
Bob Raleigh
Bob Rosbury
Bob Sheridan
Bob Shuemaker
Bob Siegel
Bob Sisson
Bob Stephenson
Bob Stewart
Bob Stutesman
Bob Volz
Bob Williams
Bob/Harrison Riggle
Bobbi Tammaro
Bobbie Guelff
Bobbie Menneg
Bobby Duncan - Ball, LA
Bobby Edmands
Bobby Jay Johsnon
Bobby Lassiter
Bobby Lassiter of Chesapeake Virginia
Bobby Miller
Bobby Phelps
Bobby Rex Key-I Love You Daddy!
Bobra Slaughter
Bon Bon, Jake & Mim
Bonita Meckes
Bonnie Brown
Bonnie Cheney
Bonnie Davis
Bonnie L .Long
Bonnie Laird
Bonnie Mitan
Bonnie Nadler
Bonnie Nison
Bonnie Rivera
Bonnie Wyman
Bonny Plauger Golliday
Bosom Buddies of Santa Clarita, CA
Bra-Bra Jenny Pavick
Brad Silber
Brad Smith
Brad Wirt
Brad Wirt
Bradley Ann Heinke
Bradley Lawmaster
Bradley Nees
Brandi Anthony
Brandon C.
Brandon Carl
Brandon Hancock
Brandon Michael Austin
Bravest Girl I'll ever know - Molly Widner 08/12/14
Bravo Family, Lorna & Dana
Braysen Butter
Brenda (Joseph) Ebler
Brenda and Chelsea Murray
Brenda Anderson - Love & miss you Mommy!
Brenda Hall
Brenda Haulik
Brenda Howard
Brenda Hughes Villa
Brenda Kaye Davis
Brenda Kintz
Brenda Mognis
Brenda Remesnik
Brenda Schrempf
Brenda Sue Childers
Brenda Sytar
Brenda Sytar, San Tan Valley, AZ
Brenda Templemire
Brenda Thompson
Brenda Witt
Bretta Schriner
Brian and Elliott Peterson
Brian K Meiller
Brian V. Flynn, Love you Dad & Miss you!!
Brian Winkel
Bridget A Jauker
Brigid Burns-Tueros RIP 9/1/14
Brita Hudson-Smith
Brittany Anderson
Brittany Diane Romero
Brock Kent Klouse
Brody Kasnowski
Brooke Riggs
Brooke Werner Hirsch
Brooks Johnston
brother- Larry Roby love & miss you
Brother Tom Campbell
Brother, Uncle & Friend: Thomas C. Pierce Jr.
Brown Martin
Bruce A Duffy Sr.
Bruce Arbittier
Bruce Becker
Bruce Culbertson
Bruce Jakiel
Bruce Mason. I couldn't keep fighting without you. Aloha pau'ole <3
Bruce Ordahl
Bruce Walsh. *POPPY * I miss u so much.
Bruce Walsh. My love, Con
Bryan Werner
Bud Ewens
Bud Herbon
Bud Schaaf
Buddy Burks
Buddy Ferguson
Buddy King
buddy ole pal- Gary Herfel love & miss you
Bula Fay Witt
Burton Prince
Buster Terrell
Butch Brown
Butch Burke
Butch Johnson (my dad)
Byron Olson
Byron Wilson
C. H. Necessary, Jr.
Cadet Signal Corporal Joshua L. Lilliston
Caiden, Karis, Berkeley, and all Childhood Cancer Survivors
Caitlin Wade Bridge
Cal Caillouet
Caleb Pelikan - 5 year ALL Survivor this December! Love you Buddy!
Caleb Topping
Callaway County, Mo. Relay For life
Calvin Nokes
Camden Lookabaugh
Camille Combs
Camp CAN DO Week 2
Camp Mak-A-Dream Friends
Cancer battlers everywhere!
Cancer surviviors in Rochester NY
Candy Frady, Jeannette Ritter, Carrie Seely
Candy Sigl Vanderwall
Cara Ouellette
Caren Patton
Carey Roach
Carl "Timmy" Love, II
Carl & Helen W. Love
Carl A. Kilian
Carl Connellan
Carl Hedrick, my Brother
Carl Hunt
Carl Kortuem
Carl Neu
Carl Preston
Carl Reich
Carl Richard Bersch, Jr.
Carl Smitha Loving Husband, Father and Grandfather
Carl Walsh
Carla Floyd
Carla Ganas (love you)
Carla Griffin
Carleen D. Goode
Carlo Negri
Carlos "Marvin" Arrivillaga
Carlos L. Acosta
Carly Roncin
Carmella & James Pachasa
Carmella tolitano
Carmella Tolitano
Carmen Cocchiola
Carmen Hathaway
Carmen Hattenburg
Carmen Julia Duran.....Love you
Carmen S. Yap
Carol A. Roberts of Belen NM
Carol Abraham
Carol Ainsworth (aka Nina)
Carol Alpin
Carol Ann Elsass
Carol Ann LeBlanc
Carol Ann Thomas
Carol Aragon
Carol Cannon
Carol Donaldson
Carol Eggborn
Carol Elsenbroek
Carol Ewens
Carol Gaudreau
Carol Gentile
Carol Gerke, Mom
Carol Grismore
Carol Gross
Carol Haberman
Carol Henning
Carol Horton
Carol Huizinga & Mim Schneider
Carol J. King
Carol J. Moss
Carol King-Murphy
Carol Lavoria Michelis
Carol Magelssen
Carol McGlone
Carol Mowers Baris
Carol Register, beloved Mom & Memaw
Carol Shuemaker
Carol Whipple
Carole L Moss
Carole Linske, David Klein, Grace Yarrington
Caroline McKenzie Jenkins -- Keep Smiling!
Carolyn Bailey
Carolyn Carrigan
Carolyn Dick
Carolyn F Thompson
Carolyn Hooks Wade
Carolyn Landers
Carolyn Lewis
carolyn linan
Carolyn Marie Milton
Carolyn Saylor
Carolyn Shanks
Carolyn Sue Duncan
Carolyn Turner (My Mother)
Carrell Barrow - Grandad
Carrie Brown
Carrie Chavers
Carrie Elmore
Carrie S. McCoy who works for American Cancer Society
Carrie Turbyfill
Carroll W. Smith
Carroll W. Smith
Carson Hymsn Smith
Carter Simonson ( Our Superman )
Caryn Quinnelly
Cassius Barngrover, Jr.
Castro Family
Catalina and Martha Reyes
Catherine Klee
Catherine Lange
Catherine Ogburn
Catherine Rhoads Ehst
Cathie Phillips
Cathy Boyd
Cathy Fowler
Cathy Gibson
Cathy Holcombe
Cathy Holton
Cathy Hubert
Cathy LaForte
Cathy Longino
Cathy Sumner
CC and Madelaine Blakley
CDR Walter Leo Loonam, Jr
Cecil D. Lloyd aka 'Ol Man"
Cecilia Perryman ( my Mama )
CELEBRATING: the Survivors, REMEMBER: those who lost their battle, FIGHT BACK: with those who are still fighting! GOD BLESS YOU ALL!
Celeste Hora
Chad Bacon
Chad Finley
Chanita Our beloved mother
Chantell Maldonado - We Miss U
Char, Mary, and Jess. Amazingly strong ladies!
Charissa "Chazzy" Kolich
Charlene Mundell-Watts
Charlene Peters, Sharon Schaefer, Hal Hardin
Charles & Virginia Sullivan
Charles Andrew M. Huizar
Charles Birchfield
Charles Boster
Charles Boster
Charles Coulbourn
Charles Dosch
Charles Gagliardi
charles garrison
Charles Kennedy
Charles Lester
Charles McGraw
Charles O. Wey
Charles Parkhurst
Charles Persell
Charles Richard Goodwill
Charles T Kindlimann Sr.
Charles V Glynn
Charles, E. Kennedy
Charley Morris
Charlie DeChristopher
Charlie DeChristopher & Fred Holper. I'm support of Sino Olabi, Nelly Marco, and Paul Kozachek
Charlie DeRise
Charlie Grandpa O'Shea LOVE & MISS YOU
Charlie McGuire
Charlie Sims
Charlie Tripp
Charlotte (Chippy ) Orff
Charlotte Jakiel
Charlotte Mary Kasch
Charlotte Mickelson
Charlotte Tarbox
Charmaine Kline
Charmaine Lyles
Chelsea Chastain
Chelsea McKita
Cherri Dorsett
Cherri Dorsett
Cheryl Becker
Cheryl D. Wilde
Cheryl Henigin
Cheryl Irving
Cheryl Polak
Cheryl Schoenewolf
Cheryl Waters
Cheryl Wohlgemuth
Chester and Marion Lipscomb
Chet Murphy
Children with cancer.
Chin Koh
Chio Fujiwara
Chip Hermann
Chris - Believe in MIracles!
Chris Aker
Chris Bailey
Chris Brian--we love and miss you Dad!
Chris Green
Chris Lind (BC, Canada)
Chris O.
Chris Overbeek
Chris Russell
Chris Sells
Chris Sheppard
Chris Willman
Christel Valentine
Christina Bailey-Watson
Christina Cassity and Tony Sosa
Christina Shatney Johnston
Christina Yaeger
Christine (Stenger) Rose
Christine Darling
Christine Heal
Christine Reiss
Christine Skidds
Christine Sypien
Christopher Franklin Reddish III
Christopher Holder
Christopher Holder
Christopher Holman
Christopher Parent
Christopher Whipple
Christy Gordon
Chuck Baker
Chuck Dearing, beloved husband of Alison Miller. Alison loves and misses you so very much. Nothin' But Love Chuck, Nothin' But Love! 💕C.D.+A.M.💕💕 FOREVER.
Chuck Forrest & Marvin Johns -- Love you
Chuck M. Reagan
Chuck MacDonald
Chuck Mainey
Chuck Mckinley
Chuck Sanders
Cindy "Changa" Quijano & Ana Maria Godina
Cindy Blackburn
Cindy Bowden, Breast Cancer Survivor
Cindy Evaro
Cindy Flores Mendoza
Cindy Foggo
Cindy Foiles
Cindy Gibbons
Cindy Klinkerman
Cindy Lensing
Cindy McCutcheon
Cindy Siebel
Cindy Szumski
Cindy Walter
Cindy, Tam & Barb
Clair Witmer
Claire Donovan & Joe Velasquez
Claire Fredrick Schumann
Claire Isko
Claire L. Henderson
Clara Chambers
Clara Chavers ~ loving mother and grandmother
Clarence "BUDDY" Rome
Clarence and Emma Carter
Clarence Diermeier
Clarence Diermeier
Clarence Ormins
Clarence Van Hoose
Claude "Frenchy" LeVasseur
Claude Hunt
Claude, Lillian and Howard Smith
Claus Oesterwinter
Clay Crupper
Clayton Olson
Cleo B. Carroll
Cliff Powell
Clifford Kopp
Clinton Coonrod
Clovis Portier
Clyde Eugene Fink
Clyde M. Thompson
Clyde Nugent
Clyde Valentine
Coach Michael Cole
Coby Alvarado
Cody Quint
Coleen Neeley
Colleen Dollar Ammon and Boone Biggerstaff
Colleen Paul, Melissa Hollobaugh, Don Howell, Phil Brown, Reggie Stephens, Pam Pearce,
Colleen Smith
Concetta DeMarco
Connie Allen: my mother, my hero, and my best friend!
Connie Allen-my mother, best friend, and hero!
Connie Angelone
Connie Apana
Connie Hicks- Nobles
Connie Knight
Connie Mason
Connie Mitchell
Connie Natoli, GiGi and Mary Illingworth
Connie Soss
Connie Sue Kitto (We miss u so much! 💜💙💛)
Connie Towles
Connie, Ken and Joan
Connor John Ahlstrom
Connor Jon
Conrad Hilva
Consuelo Olivares
Cooper and Sophia; Patricia Stang; Betty Galyon
Corinne Breidt
Courage - Molly Widner 11/15/96 - 08/12/14
Courtney Hodges
Courtney Jones
Cousin Carol Brown Kash
cousin Nancy, myself
Coweta County, GA Relay For Life event
Craig Anderson (Paoli, PA), my son
Craig Bahrs
Craig Bahrs
Craig Bass
Craig Borneman
Craig are my hero! XOXO
Craig John Wistrand
Craig Mabry
Cristina Lopez Iusi
Cullen Marose
Curtis Brown
Curtis Parker
Curtis Russell, Wayne Barber, Walter & Thelma Fairbanks
Cynthia Bechtol
Cynthia Dickson
Cynthia Dickson
Cynthia Lovejoy Robinson
Cynthia M.
Cynthia Reyes Corpus Christi Texas
Cynthia Rowell
cynthia sosa
Cynthia Villanueva
Cyril M. Ferenchak
DAD - Robert Pierce
Dad & Grandma
Dad Bob Tom, Uncle Jim Fone, Len Gonsalves, Diane Fletcher & Mary Ann Chapeta
Dad Eward "Doc" McCartan
Dad PJ & Mom Lydia (Vivelo)
Dad, Danny Vucci
Dad, Lynn, and Marge
Dad, Mom and Dad
Daddy - Don LeMieux
Daddy "PaPa Angel"
Daddy (JR Miles) I miss you
Dale Bergstrom
Dale Clemons
Dale Dreibelbis
Dale Grohs
Dale Huismann
Dale Lindner
Dale Macke
Dale Murray
Dale Osborn
Dale Pirlot and Elaine King and others I have loved and lost
Dale R. Long, Loving husband and father
Dale Robinson
Dale Saft
Dale Sturdevant
Dale White
Dallas Frazier
Damar & Team Wishing You Well
Damey Boucher
Damey Boucher
Dan Brock
Dan Creedon, jr
Dan Fogelberg
Dan Huebner
Dan Mercer
Dan Sutera & Carol Adams
Dan Sutera & Carol Adams
Dan Williamson-Pharmacist
Dana Clickner
Dana L. Boone
Daniel (D-Lad) Ladner
Daniel Clippard
Daniel DiTomaso
Daniel Hurst
Daniel J. you are going to be OK!!!! I love you!
Daniel K. Reynolds, Sr., my dad
Daniel Knott
Daniel Lirette Jr. on his Birthday Aug. 30 1966 - April 21, 2012
Daniel Mathys
Daniel Romaniello Jr.
Danielle LaRocque
Danielle Thomas
Danise Barry
D'Annunzio/Glass Family Members
Danny "Capt:" Horsfall
Danny and Aleta Gray
Danny Casey
Danny Cochran
Danny Draper, my sister
Danny Duhig
Danny E. Baldwin
Danny Frye
Danny McCloud
Danny Puckett
Danny Sijansky
Danny Troiano
Danny Youngman
Darden Stallings
Darlene Brogdon, My Precious Mother
Darlene Forbes
Darlene M. Axberg
Darlene Sonnier
Darlene Valades
Darlene Welborn
Darrel Cleveland Forever in Our Hearts
Darrel E Miller
Darrell & Debbie Langston
Darrell Lewis
Darrell Parkin
Darrell Wilson
Darrin Lee Johnson
Daryla Snipp
Dave Anderson
Dave- dad and grandpa
Dave Duval
Dave Fenton, miss you honey!
Dave Hausinger
Dave Rice
Dave Riley
Dave Wagner
David "Rooster" Willard 9/26/48-6/27/14
David "Sonny" King
David Andrade
David Andrews
David Behrnes
David Benson
David Berggren
David Berke
David Berke
David Burgess
David C. Stusse
David Crane
David D'Amato
David Detrick, miss my brother
David Dziedzic
David E. Pearson, Jr.
David G Guimond
David Grunenberger
David Gunter
David J. Adamy Sr.
David Johnson
David Jonathan White
David Jordan
David Kleyn
David L Fuller
David Larson
David Lorance Brown
David Michalski
David Moore
David Morgan Collin
David Nieman
David Patterson
David Pinto
David S. Vassar
David Sandercock
David Schenk
David Scoggins, Linda Supplee, Houston Scoggins, Eva Lee Hartley and all my friends and family lost to cancer and in honor of those now surviving their cancer diagnosis.
David Somerville
David Theodore Brereton
David Uberman
David Vreeland
David W Wilson Jr
David W Wilson Sr
David Ward Woodward, Oklahoma
David Wilkey
David Wooley
Dawn Haywood
Dawn M. Hastings
Dawn Marie Marchese
Dawn Marie Salalmone
Dawn Perrott
dawn yanak
DE Parnell
Dean Bender, Survivor and best Dad ever!
Dean Jones
Dean Smothers
Deanna Branson
Deanna K. Rainsberg
Deanne French
Deb Hanke Sister
Deb Holtslander
Deb Kemp
Deb L Mann
Debbie Baroch
Debbie Clark
Debbie Cox
Debbie Geyer
Debbie Geyer
Debbie Hayden
Debbie Hayes
Debbie Keck
Debbie Marcotte
Debbie Maze and Myself sisters against C
Debbie Mc Randall
Debbie Miller
Debbie Mongeau, Mom
Debbie Riding
Debbie Signorello
Debbie Sims
Debbie Yancy & Cynthia Neal
Debby Brickey OLE 9 TOES
Debby Brickey-MOM
Deborah Austin Jasiewicz
Deborah Drespel
Deborah Klindt
Deborah McIntire
Deborah Quider-James
Deborah Saunders
Debra Corbin
Debra Laird
Dee Geiges
Delbert Burger
Della Robinett
Delma Witkovsky
Delores Burk
Delores F Scherer
Delores Ferraro
Delores H. Lee
Delores Hartmann
Delphine Talford
Dena Shaffer
Denice White
Denise Garrity
Denise Hennessy
Denise J. Fischer
Denise Leonard
Denise Luper
Denise Mowder
DEnise R Sampson
Denise R. Sampson
Denise Riederer - the love of my life
Denise Sullivan
Denise Sutter
Denise Thiel
Dennis and Rose Spayde (Dad & Mom)
Dennis Cooper
Dennis Johnson
Dennis Madonia
Dennis Owen
Dennis Porter
Dennis Smith
Dennis Voga
Dennis W. Cook
Denny Oest
Derald Earl Klingenberg
Derald Earl Klingenberg
Derek Graham
Desiree Cuenca Silva
Dessi Pechin
Devin Morgan
Devin Sullivan
Devon Truong
Dezerey Rodriguez
Diana Linke Our dear beloved sister and Joan Grant my mother still fighting
Diana Lynn Shell
Diana NONNI Chiaravallo
Diane Anderson
Diane Biehl
Diane Bonar Castro
Diane Cimilluca
Diane Elizabeth Villard
Diane Fountain
Diane Gross "2nd star to the right and straight on till morning"
Diane Lombardo
Diane Lorence
Diane M. Anderson
Diane Marie Smith
Diane Norris
Diane Okoniewski
Diane Okoniewski, Harold Rabin, George Gangler
Diane Reinke (Mommy)
Diane Rhoden
Diane Schaller
Diane Summers
Diane Tarleton
Diane Van Dyke
Diane VanDeWeert
DiAnn K Spiece
Dianna & Kathleen Tapley
Dianna Hite
Dianne Arceneaux
Dianne Jones
Dianne Madsen
Dick Anderson
Dick Duffy
Dick Guerin
Dick Saunders
Dimetria Regan
Dionna Frye Mullins
Dogs with bone cancers and their families
Dollie Eggl
Dolly Principe
Dolores Beaver
Dolores Buegeler Syring
Dolores Goodwill
Dolores Novicky
Dolores Tinker "Dee".......Gone too soon......Rest in peace
Dolores Tinker "Dee"......Gone too soon....May you rest in peace ❤️
Dolores Torres-Sister
Dolores Zolkowski
DoMama McDowell
Dominic and Helen Delbone
Dominic Lombardo
Dominic Phillip Cornejo
Don & Ginny Emboden
Don & Inez Hagenbuch
Don A. Hart
Don Allen - Father & Sweetest Man Ever
Don Bishop
Don Briney
Don C. Wertz
Don Collins
Don Dunkelberger,
Don Ewles
Don Fulton, Beloved Husband, Father, Grandpa and Great Grandpa
Don Knight my father & Anniek Harding good friend
Don Mullin
Don Oaks
Don Sanderson
Don Sharp
Don Ulrich - We miss you Dad!
Don William Clark
Don Williams
Dona Wetterauer, my loving Mom
Donald Bell
Donald Boudreau, my brother <3 U
Donald Collins, my friend
Donald G McIntyre Sr.
Donald G. McManus
Donald Jay Kelly, Sr. a.k.a. Papa Don
Donald McManus who lost his battle 9/6/2000
Donald R. DeWitt - We love and miss you
Donald Shay -Love you Dad!!!
Donald W Milner Husband
Donald Zwick
Dondus Schober
Donna B. Redford
Donna Brown, you've given me the courage & strength to keep fighting, no matter how hard it is or will become . I love you, Angie
Donna Catlett Mowers
Donna Espinoza
Donna Fielding
Donna Grimm
Donna Gurren
Donna Haynes
Donna Kearns
Donna Knochel
Donna L. Allen
Donna Lindner
Donna Lisenbee
Donna Maria Black
Donna Moran Semones
Donna Moran Semones
Donna Richman
Donna Schaff
Donna Schubert, The Apron Lady
Donna Wolf
Donna, Jackie and Pam
Donnabelle Newberg
Donnaleta Fuchs
Dontierra Watkins
Dora Walker
Dorcas Wages (mother, daughter, sister, friend) <3
Doris & Sheila Knight
Doris Allen
Doris Anne DelaRosa
Doris Azure
Doris Freeman - my bff
Doris Johanson
Doris Nicora
Doris Pierce
Doris S Johnson
Doris Sargent
Doris Vannorman and Ginny Barnes
Doris Vatch
Doris Veney and Rose Smith
Doris Wadephul
Dorllyn Brantley Appelt
Dorothy Arneson
Dorothy Bausemer
Dorothy Bellora
Dorothy Cortese
Dorothy Dolson
Dorothy Gagliardi Forever In Our Hearts
Dorothy Glick and Mary Jo Bryant
Dorothy Haden
Dorothy Hunter
Dorothy Jean Blair Ignacio
Dorothy Lajeunesse
Dorothy Linnehan
Dorothy Lynn Harman
Dorothy M King
Dorothy Michalek
Dorothy Nickel
Dorothy Raphael
Dorothy Rhodus
Dorothy W. Fryman
Dorothy Zebrowski
Dorthelene Ruth Smith Saunders, My Mother, Died of Pancreatic Cancer
Dottie Jones Billups
Dottie Lovell
Dottie Lovell
Doug Godsey
Doug Lusk
Doug Massie---The BEST Dad ever !!!
Doug Reiman
Doug Weitzel
Doug Whalen
Doug Yancy
Douglas (Grandpappy Amos) McCou
Douglas A. Selck, and Dan Cavey
Douglas Davis
Douglas E. Kessel We Love You Dad <3
Douglas Gordon
Douglas Seifert
Dr Denise Peterson
Dr Frank Senecal
dr gordy klatt
Dr Gordy Klatt, the man who started it all
Dr John (Doc) Hawkins
Dr P James Eckhoff
Dr. Gordon Klatt
Dr. Gordy Klatt
Dr. Gordy Klatt
Dr. Hugh N. Mazzawi Husband, Father, Grandfather, Friend to All
Dr. John Jensen
Dr. K.C. Wiemer, Ph.D
Dr. LeeAnn Roth
Dr. Melissa De Witt-Larson
Dr. Vicki Antonakos
Dr. WIlliam T McGarry
Drue Ray
Duane Dancy
Duane McClure, Kelly McClure and Virginia Coleman
Duane Silseth
Dub Findley
Duke Almon
Duncan Mitcheltree
Dustin Hess (my cousin)
Dustin Roberts
Dusty Youngblom
Dwanne Grote
Dylan Ellefson, Trevor Hopkins, Ninja Howie, and all other who are fighting!
Dylan Xavier Garcia
Earla Pallette
Earle Lindsay
Ebony Fawcett
Ed "Pap" Kuhns
Ed Alt
Ed and Dot Bathgate
Ed Antuna
Ed Brunner
Ed Cundiff
Ed Garcia
Ed Goodwin
Ed Harding, Gretha vanBeersum, Patricia Helmer, Ed Hromada and me
Ed J. Pinigis, Sr.
Ed Keller and Bob Ambrose
Ed Zilavy
Eddie & Julia Fischer. We miss you Dad & Mom.
Eddie Atherton
Eddie Callahan Manchester, CT
Eddie Edson
Eddie Lambert
Eddie Williams & Beverly Ashford - Milwaukee, WI
Edgar Hodge
Edgar Stevens
Edie Wayman
Edith Beard
Edith Crosby Kay Moran Loretta Clark
Edith D'Annunzio
Edith Mae Friderici
Edith Weinheimer
Edmund Pater
Edna Brown
Edna Kovoch
Edna Mae Robbins (loving aunt, mom and grandmother)
Edna P. McElheny
Eduardo Garcia
Edward Cusack
Edward G. Rhodes
Edward Gilbert, coworker and friend
Edward Lee McGhee - Love you & miss you daddy
Edward Madisson
Edward Repka
Edward Rosen
Edward Schoch
Edward straub
Edwin "Eddie" Weaver
Edwin L. Gibbs
Eggie Berrios & Virnaliz Mendez
Eileen Bulcroft
Eileen Greever
Eileen Landes
Eileen Landes
Eileen Landes
Eileen Perillo
Eithne Muir
Elaine Hiraishi
Elaine Iba
Elaine Kerner, my gorgeous Mom
Elaine Miller
Elaine Morita
Elaine, Sam, DJ, Joe, Don, Karen, Patty
Eldona Beehler
Ele Miyashiro
Eleanor Carpenter
Eleanor J Carpenter
Eleanor R. Kerr
Elena "Tita" Cruz
Eleni Papanastasis
Eli Kupsky - 1 year old and 1 year fighting!
Eli Mark
Elinor Gonci
Eliot Balaban
Elisabeth Beich
Eliseo Vazquez
Elissa hilliard and her Fight
Elizabeth (Liz) Sklander Our Sister We All Love You
Elizabeth Arner
Elizabeth Ayers. Happy Birthday in Heaven Mom
Elizabeth Disbrow
Elizabeth Edson
Elizabeth H. Viator Leblanc
Elizabeth Johnson
Elizabeth London
Elizabeth M Pettine
Elizabeth Rease
Elizabeth Rivera
Elizabeth Tallardy Rickard
Elizabeth Valley
Ella Busch
Ella Hill
Ella Hoke
Ella Mae Pierce Faw
Ella Panesa
Ellen and Margaret
Ellen Dumont
Ellen Goldsmith
Ellen Linder
Ellen Purvis
Ellen Smith
Ellen Stahl
Elliot Bernstein
Elliott Sklar
Ellis Keil
Ellis Keil
Elmer L Poe
Elna Boisvert
Elodia Wilson
Eloise Oclit
Elsie Atherton Owen
Elsie Rosen Karp
Elsie T Allen
Elvira "Vera" Anderson
Emil and Richard Cohen
Emil Zuback
Emilie Olesko (my beloved mother)
Emilio Romero Always in our hearts
Emily Curtis
Emily DeBord's Fight!
Emily Dexter Page
Emily Domin
Emily Domin
Emily Hazen
Emily Lugo
Emily Molettiere
Emma Lorraine Brune
Emma Reustock-My Grandmother
Emmalynn Sartor
Emmett La Hart Forseth Jr.
Enoch Olson
Eric Daniel Hamm
Eric Hathcock
Eric Hernandez
Eric Mateychuk, miss you, love Ma
Eric Phipps
Eric Ryan Honeycutt
Eric Shepcaro
Eric Treese
Eric Wood, Yolanda Martin
Eric Zausch
Erica Dawn Okumura (1980-2013) Beloved Daughter, Granddaughter, Sister, Aunt
Erica Okumura We miss you!
Erica Y. Carter
Erich. R. Krumm, M.D.
Erick Snellman
Erika Payne
Erin Brunner
Ernest Jean Fredette
Ernest McCoy
Ernie Klaas
Ernie Rogers
Ernie Stephens
Erv Hoover
Esme Barnes
Esperanza Jordan
estela arauz
Estelle J Kaiser
Estelle Rogers
Esterlena Berry
Esther Arosemena Lewis
Esther Jewell and family members
Esther Lee Hargis
Esther Olson
Esther Spector
Ethel Diermeier
Ethel Johnson
Ethel Urbano
Euel Cheatham aka Dad, Grandpa
Eugene "Geno" Gilbert, Jr.
Eugene Avants
Eugene Avants
Eugene Budsock
Eugene Kirchner
Eugene Kuntz
Eugene Mitchell
Eugenia Suplita
Eugenia Tkacz
Eunice you and miss you mom!
Eunice Thames
Ev Wilson
Eva S. Jones
Evan E. Ethell - Gone from this life but not forgotten
Evan Henke
Evan James Huskisson
Evan Taylor Lucas
Evelyn Alexander, the BEST MOM ever
Evelyn DeMasters
Evelyn Hansen
Evelyn Mupo
Evelyn Neff
Evelyn O . Carter (loving mother and grandmother)h
Everett Bowden
Everett Lee Crouch, Jr.
Everette Booth Johnson
Every one I have lost to Cancer
Every person effected by this disease.
Every person effected by this disease.
Every survivor and their families - I Relay for you!
Everyone Affected by Cancer
Everyone at Relay For Life Newtown! Thank you!
Everyone battling!
Everyone that is fighting cancer
Everyone who has cancer
Everyone who has fought
Everyone who has had to hear the words "you have cancer"
Everyone who has kicked cancer's butt !
Everyone who has lost the battle - especially my dad and Grandma Tess
Everyone who is fighting the fight!!
everyone who's been touched by cancer and to my auntie Lu
Ez Morse
Ezelle Poole and Jessie Pearl Poole
F. W. Matassarin, MD
Faith Rose Assini
Family & Friends
Family & Friends
Family & Friends Bravely Battling
Family & friends fighting cancer
Family & friends who are fighting and have fought. Love you all!
Family & Friends-Living & Deceased
Family and Friends
Family and friends
Family and friends that are in the fight for their lives, and those that have lost their loved ones to this awful disease.
Family and Friends we lost to cancer
Family and friends who have fought and continue to fight this disease.
Family and Friends who lost their battles with cancer
Family members afflicted by this enemy! God bless.
Family members and friends who have beat cancer.
Fan Abel
Fannie Mae Hodge
Father Al Mascherino
Faust Carrieri
Fay McElroy Sr.
Fay, Murray, Bernie and Larry Deutscher - Mom, Dad, and my brothers, I miss and love you all terribly much!
Faye Schaaf
Felicia Dauer
Felicitas Sison
Felix Aguilar
Fern Douglass
Fern Gudauskas
Fern Ward
finding a cure for melanoma
Finishing the Fight
Fizz Nelson
Flo Zimmerman Cook
Florence Thompson
Florence Varga
Florida Robertson-"Mom"
Flossie Drach
Floyd Scott
Floyd J. Miller
Floyd Weyrick
Foley & Cooper Miller
Fotuomanaia Aniseko Wilson
frances freiling
Frances Irene Nix-Elder & Steve J. Soltis
Frances Mangili Lagorio
Frances Richardson
Francesco Capalbo
Francie and Marvin Davis
Francine Carmichael
Francine DiTomaso
Francis and Michael Mertz
Francis Fernandes
Francisco Lopes
Frank & Rita Saenz
Frank & Rita Saenz
Frank (Huedo) Cabrera
Frank Aigust
Frank Allen Hayward
Frank C. Jahn
Frank Costanzo
Frank Enten
Frank Falconer
Frank Gavitt
Frank Gonzales Sr.
Frank Gross
Frank J Pieklik
Frank J. Yaz - love and miss you Dad!!
Frank James Troy Sr.
Frank McKay
Frank Nagy
Frank Owen
Frank Scholl
Frank Sebastian
Frank William Jasiewicz
Frank Wood
Frank Zeman
Frankie Brown
Frannie King
Fred "Butch" Johnson
Fred Barrera
Fred Best
Fred Castiglione
Fred Churchill
Fred Coller
Fred Coller
Fred Coller
Fred Fellows
Fred Hartman
Fred J. Crowley / L oving Husband
Fred Johnson Jr Dad
Fred Joseph Woods, Jr.
Fred Kinsey Carrick
Fred Kramer
Fred Lemerande
Fred Linnenbrink
Fred R Boehm
Fred Rickelman
Fred Schild
Fred, Nell, and Cliff Lewis
Freda Geitgey
Freda Nation
Freda Wilson
Frederick Charles Voels
Frederick W. Breininger Sr. 1955-2009- Henderson NV
Freida Byrd - Loving Friend
friends & family
Friends & Family
Friends & Family survivors
Friends and Family in the fight
Friends and family who have loved, lost and survived
Friends and family who have passed from cancer. Love and miss you all
Friends and Loved Ones Touched by Cancer
Friends from Blairsville, PA
Friends who had or have cancer at the Peddie School
Fritz and George Metz
Gabe Rooker
Gaetano DiDomenico
Gail Baquera
Gail Carnahan
Gail Harsany
Gail Heinrich
Gail Keefe
Gail Williams
Gala Stephan
Gale Hanks, My Daddy, Their Papa
Garrett Henderson
Garry "Pete" Nielsen
Garth "Dad" Newton
Gary Eckard
Gary Giomi
Gary Hale
Gary Harms
Gary Harned
Gary Jaynes
Gary kalis
Gary Keisling
Gary L May
Gary Lee Blomberg
Gary Lee Collier
Gary Millsaps
Gary Palmer
Gary Ramey
Gary Schaeffer
Gary Thames
Gary W quist
Gary Wayne Edwards
Gary Whitfield, Blountstown, FL
Gave Lyall
Gavin Singer
Gay R. Cowan
Gayle Gurnsey Taft
Gayle M Wolf
Gayle Marie Holland
Geier Family Deceased and Survivors
Gene & Joan Hartlage
Gene & Roberta Bennett
Gene Hampton
Gene T Elsesser
Genie Kutzur
Geno Couturier
George "Uncle Hot" Patterson
George & Ermina Haynes
George A. Pendleton, Jr.
George and Doris Tallman
George Balka
George Brooks, Jr.
George Caramihai
George Cornish
George Dayton Hall
George E. Allen
George Edward Gray
George F. "Billy" Woods, Lyla Wheeler
George Feustel
George Franz
George M Robin Sr and Eileen Burns
George Maruta
George Osborne
George Pucciarella
George Sloat
George Spiros Jr
George Tague
George Vieira
Georgia Godwin
Georgia Spurgeon
Georgie Gotterup (Mom, Grammy)
Gerald Anthony Klement
Gerald E. Kightlinger
Gerald Eagy
Gerald Eddy
Gerald Koetz
Gerald Mack
Gerald McNees sr & jr
Gerald Munoz
Gerald Provost, Sr.
Geraldine Frandson Squeo
Geraldine Loree Sicinski
Geraldine Sicinski aka Meme
Gerard J. Hart
Geri Goldman
Geri Grunloh
Gerry Kelley
Gerry Milotti, the love of my life
Gerry Racer Metz
Gertrude Grant and her Parents
Gertrude L. Burke
GFWC-MFWC State President, Darlene Adams from your Federation Friends...BJWL
Gheorghe Gavrizescu
Gil Arturo Cisneros Sr.
Gilberto Sanclemente
Gin Wright
Gina Sunshine
GinaMarie Adornetto
Ginger Alexander
Ginger Grant
Ginger Johnson
Ginni Stevens
Ginny Courtenay
Gino Vettraino
Gitti LaMiaux
Gladys Acre (Mom)
Gladys Gamez Knepper
Gladys Gutzmer Breast Cancer Survivor
Glen Manier
Glen Swingen - We Miss You!
Glen Zimmerman
Glenda Gilliam
Glenn Frost
Glenn Murr
Glenna McNeely Estep
Gloria Ayers
Gloria Gordon
Gloria Jones
Gloria Lamont
Gloria Marcello
Gloria Ross
Gloria Schill, our mother and grandmother
Gloria Sweeny
Gloria Trantham
Gma Mayes,Aunt Virginia,Great Aunt Betty,Aunt Jo
Gonzalez sisters, Carmen, Julie, Mary, Annie
Gorden Mitchell
Gordon Arneson
Gordon S. Friedman
Gordy Klatt
Gordy Klatt
Gordy Klatt
G'pa Paul. We miss you! Lilly, Emmalie & Tyler.
Grace D. Matassarin, RN
Grace Eisenlauer
Grace Ramirez
Gracie Marie Guzman
Graciela Nunez...Love, Anthony
Graham Bonham
Grammie Betty Colligan
Grams, Grandma Shirley, Aunt Linda, Ma, Desiree
Grand mom El Yann
Granddaddy - Gerald Monger
Grandma Betty and Big Papa Grubbs
Grandma Betty Ausderan
Grandma Billie Sanchez
Grandma Blanda
Grandma Brundige and Grandma Lamont
Grandma Collins and Aunt Bonnie
Grandma Connie
Grandma DJ
Grandma Dolly
Grandma Iris, forever loved!
Grandma Lyon
Grandma Mary Brooks
Grandma Minchella
Grandma Pat Armour
Grandma Pearl
Grandma Penny
Grandma Ruth & Grandpa Wilfred
Grandma Sally
Grandma Steimel
Grandma Trevino
Grandma Val
Grandma Vera Curran, Dear Friend Kathy Slack,
Grandma Zeta
Grandpa Al Van Sant
Grandpa Gary Rote
Grandpa Juday
Grandpa Lane and Grandma Work
Grandpa Larry
Grandpa Vern
Grandpa Will
Grandpop Sorce
Granny and Aunt Beulah
Grant Strickland
Gray Hamner Gust
Great West Heroes of Hope
Greg Fight Hard
Greg Clough
Greg D Giffen
GREG GEISS FOUGHT and WON We Luv u Mom and Dad
Greg Lofquist
Greg Ostrowski
Greg Rhomberg
Gregg Tinker
Gregory Alfred Martin
Gregory Gilmore
Gregory J. Bauer
Gregory Schreivogel- my husband
Gretchen Buchanan
Griselda Contreras
Guadalupe Luis
Guillermo de Armas
Gustave "Johnny" Huff
Guyla Vann
Hailey L. Frame
Hailey Lynn Jackson
Hal Goldman
Hal J. Smith
Hal Kaufman
Ham Koehn
Hank Lenards
Hanna Kostiner
Hannah Miller
Hannah Rita Miller (aunt)
Harland Mehl
Harold "Huck" Bothner
Harold Edward Joiner
Harold Hook, Jr - Little Shug
Harold Keeran
Harold Lancaster
Harold Nadler
Harold Singleton
Harriet Puaoliwa Keahi Price
Harris Lunneborg
Harry Alan Baker
Harry Caldwell
Harry Davis Rose
Harry Dryman, Fly with the Angels, Harry. We love you.
Harry E. Druck
Harry Iwamoto
Harry Kinsel
Harry Newcomb
Harry Perryman ( my daddy )
Harry R. Scrogham
Harvey Corneliusen
Harvey Joseph Martin
Hattie Kennedy
Haviland Franck, Joanne Franck, Julia Garmo, Greg Trompis, Ed D, Aislinn V
Hayden Dins
Hayden Michael Smallwood
Hayden Wayne Stephens Sr.(Pineknott)
Haylie Jackson
Haylie Lynn Jackson
Hazel Vrabel
Hazen Fellows
Heart O 'Wisconsin Sweet Adeline Survivors
Heath Leonard
Heather Baer
Heather Baiileaux, Mauriceville, Texas
Heather Davis
Heather Goodwill
Heather Lyn Stewart - We love and miss you!
Heather Owens
Heather Rawie
Heather Warrick
Heather Warrick
Hedda Elk
Heidi Katz
Heidi Varner
Heinke/Tucker loved ones
Helen and Wayne Farrow
Helen Arendsen
Helen Arnold
Helen Bauer
Helen Brewer
Helen Davis
Helen Dugger
Helen Keltz
Helen Kubica Kipp
Helen Mclaughlin
Helen Messinger
Helen Mitchell Bailey
Helen Pryzbyl
Helen Teresa Bittner
Helen W. Friedman
Helen Wilson
Helena Balka
Helene d'Esterhazy
Helene Mobley Hidalgo
Helga Dunker
Henry Droneburg
Henry F Berwald Jr
Herb Ehrmantraut
Herb Hartmann
Herb Neufeld
Herbert C Bauman, Jr
Herbert LaVere
Herbert lL.Meyer
Heroes of Hope - High Plains
Hettie Garrett my MOM
Hideo Ikeda
Hilda Hollingshead
Hildur Hudson
Hillary Quinn Kind
Holly A. Gray
Holly Angellino
Holly Fryar
Holly Jacobson
Holly Raby
Honey Kaufman
Hope Porras
Horst Graf
Howard Feingold
Howard Fowler
Howard Jackson
Howard Jackson
Howard Mowers
Howard Starr
Howard Turnbull
Howard 'Tzvi' Sherizen
Howard W. Kieke
Huck Bothner
Hugh "Sam" Kelley- My Amazing Father-Love and Miss you Bunches!
Hugh "Sam" Kelley- My favorite Unc- Luv you
Husband-Stephen R. Straub
Iberia Joseph Lemoine Sr.
Idalina Nazare
Ike Schanerman
Ileana Pompeyo
Imelda Rodriguez
In honor & memory of Puzon's, Sicina's and Kingdon's who've been affected by cancer.
In Honor of Joshie Munson
In Memory of Donald A. Olson
in memory of Marvin Zabka
In Memory Of Mildred E. Olson
In memory of my Grandma Sally and my mother in law Nobuko. In honor of my father in law and in support of those who are going through cancer. Together we can finish the fight!
Inez Geyer
Inez Yerrington
Inflammatory Breast Cancer Concurs
Ira Dean Hancock
Irene Haskins
Irene Trujillo
Irene Von Seggern
Iris Ortiz
iris Padilla
Iris Woodward
Irma Malecki
Isabell Littleton Williamson
Ito and Dulski Family
Iva Near
Ivonne Carlon Perez
Ivy Seigle and Sweet Nicholas!
J. Bolivar Sanclemente (Daddy)
J. Craig Manning
Jack & Lola Bass - Milwaukee, WI
Jack and Kay McGinness
Jack Colligan
Jack David Huntze- A mighty WARRIOR
Jack Dunlap
Jack Earnest
Jack Edgerton
Jack Eyman
Jack G. Wood
Jack H. Edwards
Jack Hanson
Jack Knute and John Long
Jack L. Mitchell
Jack Maib
Jack Selby
Jack Stockey
Jack Thomas
Jack Thompson
Jack W. Morgan
Jackie & Tim Brennan
Jackie and Josephine Whitten
Jackie Burdette
Jackie Hammerberg
Jackie Kriebel
Jackie Morrison
Jackie Mullaney - Until we meet again
Jackie Tanner
Jackie Widolff
Jackie Williams
Jackson Smith
Jackson: A special litlle guy kicking cancers butt!
Jacky Braun
Jacob Bocock
Jacob Michael Almanza
Jacob Stephen Garcilaso
Jacqueline Kilian-Lowry
Jacqueline Rose
Jacqui Flanagan
Jake Benner
James "Bo" Taylor
James "Jim" Troy Axberg
James A. Walker
James and Betty Hyde
James C Whitfield, Wewahitchka, FL
James E Lower
James E. Farley
James E. Hunt
James F. Shepard
James Gilbert Lindsey, Jr.
James Howard Walters
James Hulton
James J. Hamilton
James Kase Jr.
James Kelly
James Lear
James Lenard King
James Lenard King
James Long
James McCloud
James Mollica
James Norris, Wewahitchka, FL
James Perillo
James Rocke
James Seitz
James 'Sonny' Harrison
James W. Stafford, Sr.
James William Ognibene
James, Harold, and Victoria Guenther
Jameson "Jay" Gargano
Jameson Matthew Gargano 1980 - 1996
Jamie Berrier Crutchfield
Jamie Brock Nixon
Jamie Bruss
Jamie D
Jamie Ellizabeth Bryan
Jamie, Damiana & Pop Pop
Jammie Allen
Jan Bechtel
Jan Flynn
Jan Frick
Jan Jakiel
Jan Johnson
Jan McTyre
Jan Montgomery
Jan Osburn
Jan Sadowski, Jr.
Jan Wortman
Jane Birkhead
Jane Fikslin
Jane Funfsinn
Jane K. Lloyd
Jane Kay
Jane Keith
Jane Landwehr
Jane Martindell
Jane McLaughlin
Jane Parrish Williams
Jane Perrone
Jane Steinke
Jane T. Keith
Janeen Sullivan
Janelle Perillo
Janelle Perillo
Janet Cammerata
Janet Kaplan
Janet Maruna
Janet Mercon
Janet O'Meara
Janet Rieter
Janet Sandola
Janet Walker
Janet Whipple
Janice Abercrombie
Janice Anderson - Breast Cancer Survivor Love you!!
Janice Buck
JANICE CULLIN Miss you so much MOM!
Janice Garza Itiher
Janice Irish
Janice Kajs
Janice Marie Claybrooks-Ellis
Janice Piper
Janie Zoldan
Janine Jackson
Janine McReynolds
Janis Maydan
Janis Nelson & Greg Lamphear
Jared Brauer
Jason Crabill
Jason H. Moses
Jason Moore
Jaxon Guthrie
Jay and Bonnie Keep Fighting, friends!
Jay Helmkamp
Jay Millane
Jayme Atiyeh Grimaldi
Jaymie Eliane
Jayne A Kinman
Jazmine Moran
Jean and Jack Jackson
Jean Bittner
Jean Blanchard
Jean D. Deaner
Jean D. Deaner
Jean E Symonds
Jean Estep Stanley
Jean F. Nance
Jean Gallop
Jean Lied
Jean McMillen
Jean Mohan
Jean Moody
Jean Patalano
Jean Rodler
Jean Simpson
Jean Stanley
Jean Talbot
Jean Wilson
Jean Winkle
Jean, Don, Linda, Laverne
Jeanette Peters
Jeanette Wolff
Jeanie Stewart
jeanne ann murphy
Jeanne Figurelle
Jeanne Gawlinski
Jeanne Harold Boxley
Jeanne Holick McKay
Jeanne Jobson Tomasowa
Jeanne Veney
Jeannette Ritter
Jeannie (Green) Azure
Jeannie Cribbs
Jeannie Harder
Jeb Alan Christensen
Jeb Christensen
Jeff Davis
Jeff Johnson
Jeff Millet
Jeff Morris
Jeff Peterson
Jeff Rosenberg
Jeff Shedd
Jeff Stephens
Jeff Westcott
Jeffery King Meador
Jeffery Patrick Cave
Jeffrey A. Baker
Jeffrey Fincher
Jeffrey Todd Frame
Jen Wilson
Jenetta Stephens Grantham
Jenni Box
Jenni Pennington
Jennie Bosma (Mom, Mamo and Great Mamo)
Jennie Grimes
Jennie Mauk
Jennie Mauk
Jennie Zamorski
Jennifer Baker
Jennifer Chiusano
Jennifer Folk
Jennifer Forbes-Baily
Jennifer Heffernan
Jennifer Hope Olson
Jennifer M
Jennifer Marie Chwalik Nagy
Jennifer Nelson
Jennifer Vernon
Jenny Govin
Jenny Orellana and Manuel Trelles
Jenny Reid
Jeri Cordle
Jerome "Curly" Messing
Jerome Heslop
Jerry Ackler
Jerry Berezowski
Jerry Byrd
Jerry Canter, PE, PTOE
jerry donald caudill
Jerry Fuson
Jerry Garner
Jerry Hamilton Lemons
Jerry Hart
Jerry Hefley
Jerry L. Miller
Jerry LeFevre, Gramps, Pop-Pop
Jerry Lorenz
Jerry McAleer
Jerry McCandless
Jerry Munro
Jerry Oram
Jerry Peyton Farmer
Jerry Ray
Jerry Ray "J.R." Goodson
Jerry Schock
Jerry Siever
Jerry Wayne Harris
Jerry Zeman
Jerry, Rona, Sheree, Lynn
Jesse R. Linhares (Dad)
Jessica Felix
Jessica Griffin...143 truly
Jessica Payne DeLeon
JESUS CHRIST, Giver of all LIFE!!!
Jesus D. Galang
Jesus G. Aguayo
Jesus Mendez
Jesus S. Luis and Narciso Luis
Jewel and Sandy Pekelney
Jilda Mansolillo
Jill Bonaroti Mossbarger
Jill Landers
Jill Wilcox
Jim Coleman
Jim Alther
Jim and Barbara Scoggins
Jim and Janet King
Jim and Lynda Readling
Jim and Maryann Neal (Dad & Mom, Grandpa &Grandma
Jim Barton
Jim Beck
Jim Brands
Jim Burner
Jim Clayton
Jim Court
Jim Croker
Jim Dillman
Jim Elliott, Mary & Rennie Gaines, George Smith
Jim Etherton
Jim Farmer
Jim Fetty
Jim Green
Jim Hughes
Jim Jevne, my father
Jim Knight
Jim Long (Dad/Grandad)
Jim Long (Husband)
Jim Mayes
Jim Parmelee
Jim Patten
Jim Pechin
Jim Potter
Jim Pugh
Jim Radmore
Jim Raines
Jim Rosso
Jim Taylor
Jim Van Ness
Jim Washington
Jim Wilhelm
Jim Winget
Jimmie Allen
Jimmie King
Jimmy C. Green
Jimmy Moseley
Jimmy Reiss
jimmy steiner
Jimmy Wright
JK Barfield
Jo Ann Halpin
Jo Ann Narushoff
Jo Ann Parmelee
Jo Anne Wall
Jo Crowder
Jo Ellen Patanella Marten
Jo Paul Archer
Jo Perone
Jo Sharp
Jo Simpson
Jo Spivey
Joan and Ralph Trunk
Joan Beck
Joan Brown Davis
Joan Dellaquila
Joan Elizabeth Grant Saunders
Joan Elizabeth Hodgkins
Joan Hunt
Joan Huss
Joan K. Becker
Joan L Keaveny
Joan Perlman
Joan Tolle
Joan Verderber
Joanie Johnson
JoAnn Bryant
JoAnn Davis
JoAnn Dawson
Joann Fastenau
JoAnn Kinsel
JoAnn Valentine
Joanna Parker
Joanna Payne - Mesa, AZ - We love you, Mom, Dad and Rusty
Joanne Baran
JoAnne Bartoe Lewis
Joanne Connellan
Joanne Graber
Joanne Gross, PHS Class of 1996
Joanne Hall
Joanne M Nader
Joanne McCarthy
Joanne Nader
Joanne Schreiber
Joanne Simeon
Joanne Smith
Joanne Watson
Jodi Carpenter Barrick
Jodi Guiducci
Jodi Hiraishi
Jodi Lea Bryant
Jody Gibson
Joe & Shirley Solari
Joe Coelho
Joe D. Herrera
Joe Dillon
Joe E. Thomas
Joe Echols
Joe Feocco
Joe Fordham
Joe Hall
Joe Haulik
Joe Hays
Joe Keresty
Joe Keresty
Joe Keresty
Joe Keresty
Joe Keresty
Joe Keresty
Joe Keresty
Joe Keresty
Joe Keresty
Joe Keresty- a hero in every way
Joe Neet
Joe Neet "Papa"
Joe Presko Sr.
Joe Robinson
Joe Ruggiano, Sr.
Joe W. North
Joe Young
Joe, Sandy and Pat Belcuore
JoeAnn Rocha
Joetta Kern Thome
Joetta Reed
Joey Adams
John "JD" Durand
John & Dina Picinic
John ("The King") Farmosa
John (Doc) Darcangelo
John A Broussard
John A Eveleth
John and Angel
John and Judy Poulson
John Andrew Rivera
John Andrews
John Anthony Leonardi Jr.
John B.H. Waring, Jr.
John Bozic
John Brady
John C De Santos
John CD Larson
John Comstock
John Coxeter
John David Scrivener, my precious 10 year old son
John DiGacomo
John Drenk
John E. Curry
John F. Johnson
John Farrell
John Farrell
John G. Fuller
John H. King
John Hill
John Howard Payne Sr & Jr
John Jaeger
John Jamieson
John Kolvik miss you always
John Kruessel--Pops
John Kubes and Bernice Norris
John Lacy
John Lorton of Mentor, Ohio on behalf of his daughter Barbara Thompson
John Lupo
John M Stewart
John M. Shepherd
John Mack Teague
John Mack Teague
John Macken
John Maddock
John Magers
john marques
John McCuistion
John McElroy
John McMullen
John Meagher, Millie Callendrillo, Kathy Miller
John Michael Beraud
John Michael Kessler
John P. Manuszewski
John Patrick Daly
John Paul Gaddy
John R. Seaton
John Rice
John Robert Hodgkins
John Ronald Trivigno
John Rudkin
John Rush
John Salka
John Salladay
John Slocum
John Smith
John Taylor (Johnny T)
John Thomas Corrigan & JoAnn Caira & Jack Hiltz
John Thomas Johnson
John W Raider
John Wanamaker
John White
John Wisner
John Woods
John Wruck
John Zachem
John Zambenini
John Zimmerman
Johnnie Lee Allen
Johnnie Rivera
Johnnie Ruth Ethridge
Johnny Judice
Joleen Goss
JoLynne Garcia - miss u
Jon Bernson
Jon Haver
Jon Ross Haver
Jonathan "Jonny' QUINDICA
Jonathon Plasencia
Jonathon Ramos
Jong-Woong Lee
Joni Caceres
Jonna Todd Hendrickson
Jonnie Worthington, Miss you Mom
Jose Angel Dimas
Jose Valadez
Joseph A. Good
Joseph Bovino
Joseph Brady McLellan
Joseph Brewer
Joseph Gonzales
Joseph Jewell
Joseph Jiz Sarao
Joseph Mantineo
Joseph Martin Tvaroch
Joseph Metro
Joseph P. Crane
Joseph Ricci
Joseph Riddle
Joseph Romand
Joseph Sarao Jr
Joseph Thomas
Joseph V. Rega
Joseph W. Burek
Josephine Brady
Josh Worley
Josh Worley, Forever in Our Hearts
Joshua Entner
Joshua Langkammer
Josie Barnard my mommy and best friend!!
Joy Allison
Joy Barker
Joy Ferguson
Joy Key
Joy Peacher Roberts
Joy Peck
Joyce "Didder" Mandeville
Joyce Brewer
Joyce Brewer
Joyce Elliott
Joyce Ganun
Joyce Green
Joyce Harris
Joyce Hoellein
Joyce L. Walters
Joyce Lee
Joyce Martel Ruge
Joyce Migues
Joyce Murphy
Joyce Pospisil
Joyce Rasmussen, Lynn Draving, Savannah Johnson, Karen Craig, Donna Sliter, Madison Brewer
Joyce V. Janssen WE Miss YOU!!!
Jr Pinson
Juan B Lopez
Juan B. Lopez
Juan Carlos Robles
Juan R. Velez; Love, your girls
Juanita Garcia (out 23 years)
Juanita Thomas
Judie Burns
Judith Griswold
Judith Pascucci
Judith Pulera
Judith Wikane
Judy Brandeberry
Judy Carosella
Judy Case
Judy Darlene Lewis
Judy Del Sardo Blair
Judy DelSardo Blair
Judy Deming
Judy Gariepy. (mom)
Judy Harris
Judy Hensyel
Judy Horning
Judy Klein, Gilbert Selin, Jean Selin, Marvin Klein, Florence Klein
Judy Lynn Valdivieso
Judy- mom and grandma
Judy Newberg
Judy Poppell Cook
Judy Ringman
Judy Runkle
Judy Sobieski
Judy Trapanese
Judy Trette
Judy Valdevieso
Judy Ware
Judy Young
Julia Ann Plug
Julia Eddytha King
Julia Wrobel
Juliana Brown-King
Julie Bratton ~We Love you and miss you so much Mom! Xoxoo
Julie Breuker
Julie Edgar
Julie Jo Peterson
Julie Lapadat, Brad Tidball, Nick Sano, Thelma Sherril, Nell Kimball, Kathy Cobb, Bev Heffner
Julie Leuth
Julie Mausing
Julie Nutter
Julie Proffitt
Julie Schraffenberger
Julio "Rico" Villanueva
June Adams
June and Charlie
June and Lester Weiss
June Crane
June Keller
June Masterson
Juneau County, WI Cancer Survivors
Junior Ringman
Justin Seabolt
Kaarel Smit
Kadee Anstadt
Kaitlin Osborne
Kaitlynn Cooney, Judy Meseroll, Nelson Cooney, Kay Hollowell
Kani Anduha
KaNisha Flemming Smile Beautiful
Kara Dameron
Kara Schwede
Karen Sanchez Bricky
Karen & David Hayes
Karen Acosta, Love You Cousin
Karen Benziger
Karen Branch
Karen Dafforn
Karen Harcharik
Karen Hatzigeorgiou
Karen Ireland
Karen L Banister
Karen Landry
Karen Major
Karen Marie Corcoran
Karen Oren
Karen Schroeder
Karen Stevenson Reitenour
Karen Vierbickas
Karen Warren-Davidson
Karen Wendt
Karen Woronicz
Kari Leal
Karissa Hahn, Cindy Foiles and Wanda Freehan
Karl Edward Arnold
Karl Vogel. Also all my family and friends who have beat cancer or have passed away from cancer. God Bless you all!!
Karl Zaeske
Karla Reed
Kasey Swartz
Kate Kelley
Kate McCrae
Katelyn Gurren
Katelyn Kirby
Katharine T. Cappelmann
Katherine Keeley
Kathi Townsend.. We love you.
Kathleen Ann Williams - Milwaukee, WI
Kathleen Blust & Deane Graves
Kathleen G Hazen
Kathleen Gibbons
Kathleen Metcalf
Kathleen O'Rourke
Kathleen Timothy
Kathleen Titus
Kathryn J. Rickards
Kathryn L Poe
Kathryn Parker-Birks
Kathy A Kitz
Kathy Braun
Kathy Brock Crook
Kathy Clark
Kathy Craver
Kathy Crystal
Kathy Curran
Kathy Derosa
Kathy Dickison
Kathy Dietz
Kathy Engle
Kathy Graul
Kathy Guillen Heenan - We miss you!
Kathy Hayman
Kathy Lusk Smith
Kathy mygatt
Kathy Padley
Kathy Payne Atkisson
Kathy Pedro - loving mother, sister, grandmother, teacher, and friend. I love you and miss you everyday!
Kathy Sanford
Kathy Schock
Kathy Scott
Kathy Scott
Kathy Vignone
Kathy Webb
Katia Killingbeck
Katie Beaudry Mathis
Katrina Miller
Kay Anderson
kay ann major
Kay Baker...Best Mom Ever!!
Kay Dorman
Kay Dorman
Kay Levy
Kay McGinness
Kay Modde
Kay Rynerson
Kayla Swedberg, Keith Krause, Harold Laubenstein,Michelle Hackett, Lisa Grundmeier, Teresa Menke, Nat Swedberg,Donald Houck Sr.,
Kazuko Yamaguchi Flores
Kealie Beilke
Keith & Robena Pannebaker
Keith E. Oates, Sr.
Keith Moyer
Keith Mulvaney "Bop-Bop"
Keith Warner
Kellee Yale
Kellee Yale
Kellee Yale
Kellee Yale
Kelleigh Meredith
Kelleigh Meredith
Kelley Albracht Maintz
Kelley Parson
Kelley Smith "Nene"
Kelli Jo Hoffner Cardwell
Kelli Peacock Dunn, Blountstown, FL
Kelli Turney
Kelly Beck
Kelly Marzo
Kelly Myers
Kelly O'Day
Kelly O'Day....always in our hearts!!
Kemberly Smith
Ken Baugh
Ken Dalton
Ken Foss - best dad ever
Ken Merrill
Ken Monks - Dad
Ken VanBramer
Kendyl Marie Freedle
Kenneth Broadbent
Kenneth Harris
Kenneth J. Aicher, Sr.
Kenneth Lawrence
Kenneth Perkins
Kenneth R. Lerch
Kenneth Waugh
Kenny Dotson
Kenny Zaremba
Kent D. Vandenberg
Kent Vandenberg
Kent Wood
Kenya Mizzell
Kevin Avery
Kevin Brunk
Kevin Cordasco
Kevin Cordasco
Kevin Deering
Kevin E. Kennedy
Kevin Kenndy
Kevin Kennedy
Kevin Kennedy
Kevin McCarter
Kevin O'Brien
Kevin R. Briggs, Mi
Kevin Rex McAdam
Keyshia Brown
Kiki Schroeder
Kim Baker
Kim Beecham !
Kim Cook
Kim Earll
Kim J. Mechelke
Kim Johnson
Kim Keahemalie Mason. Keeping up the fight, one moment at a time. <3
Kim Lacore
Kim Maney
Kim McCaw
Kim McCaw
Kim McKillip-Masor
Kim Oanh Nguyen
Kimberlee McBee
Kimberlee Phillips
Kimberlee Phillips "Our Sweet Butterfly"
Kimberly Chesnick
Kimberly Crane Jones
Kimberly Jacobsen
Kimberly Johnson
Kimberly Killebrew
Kimberly Sue Henn
Kitty and Kay
Koidula Smit Muurisepp
Kori Tincup
Kris Eaton
Krista Musser
Kristen Foster
Kristen Hutton with Love
Kristen Nolan
Kristi Chiles
Kristin Bates
Kristin Hardin
Kristin Payne
Kristin Zubrick
Kristyn Farley
Kwest and Calib Mitchell
Kyle Chadwick
Kyle Claffey
Kyle Gendron
Kyle Koetz
Kylynne Ubernosky
L.M. Waters (PaPaw)
Lachapelle's - Leo, Eileen and Paul
Lance Adair
Lancelot De La Cruz
Landon Miller
Lara Shadwick
Larry "Ojiji" Harless
Larry & Sophie Boudreau
Larry allison
Larry Benjamin
Larry Dean Roland
Larry Dean Roland
Larry Gardner
Larry Holmes
Larry Hott
Larry Kelly
Larry Krom
Larry Larkins
Larry LaViola
Larry Lee Hatton
Larry Levene, Larry Looby and Larry Strickland
Larry May
Larry McKenzie
Larry Moss
Larry Nicoll
Larry R. Erdman
Larry Roland
Larry Schultz
Larry Stone
Larry Westerfield
Laura (Babe) Laferty
Laura Bindner
Laura Bright
Laura Coniglio and Marilyn Buck
Laura Craven
Laura Hipp
Laura Hipp
Laura Marble Arledge
Laura Olson Grunder
Laura S. (Lolly) Siemon
Laura Scott
Laura Skalkowski
Laura Soukup, beloved daughter, wife, MOTHER, sister, and friend!
Laura Vogel
Laura Wright
Laurel Downs
Lauren Hede
Laurie Patsy
Laurie Wishart DePietro
Laurie, Keisha, Tanya
Lavonda Wingfield
Lavonne Frazier
Lawrence Eckhardt
Lawrence Horton
Lawrence J. Sims
Lawrence Nash
Lawrence R. Vujtech Sr.
Leah Love Young
Leatha Mikitiuk (my amazing mother)
Lee Ann Elimon
Lee Hamilton
LEE HARDISTY master gardener TX
Lee Rodger
Lee Wright
Leigh Wilson
Leighton Bloom, my rock
Leila kissarli
Lela Newby
Len G. Mensink
Len Thompson
Lena Maglaty
Leo Eccles - My Sweet Daddy!
leo h mahony
Leo(Mac) Michalek
Leon Cochran
Leon Horn
Leon Rogles (Dad)
Leona Anne Jasiewicz
Leonard & Judy Lyles
Leonard Ray Hill
Leonardo Moreno
Leota Olson
Leroy Arvid Sanders
Leroy Arvid Sanders whose extraordinary bravery in his 10 year battle is truly to be admired.
LeRoy Johnson
Les LaFleur
Leslie L. McCormick
Leslie Villeneuve
Leslie Witt
Lester J Foster
Leuonta Metcalf
Lewis G. Musick
Lewis Preston
Lex Doherty
Lexi Gurka
Liane Dowdle
Libby Gnatzig
Libby Jenkins
LIBBY KNAPSTEIN -keep fighting the fight
Libby Peck
Libby Randolph
Lil' Sister Eileen Bunch
Lila Clark
Lilie Caparco
Lillian "Tillie" Scott
Lillian Inverso
Lillie Burton
Lillie Mae Terrell
Lilly Wadsworth
Lincoln Electric Warriors Whom Have Passed
Linda Phillips Love & Miss You Mom & Grandma
Linda "Mick" McMillin, Grammy Mick
Linda (Nannie) Holcomb
Linda Allen
Linda Arneson
Linda Bowen Fishel
Linda Bright
Linda Bright
Linda Browne
Linda Bush
Linda C Shaw
Linda Christine Williams
Linda Coonrod-Thelen
Linda Cox
Linda Croucher
Linda Cummings
Linda D Anderson
Linda D Thomas
Linda Diann Rice
Linda Farrell
Linda Fazin
Linda Golden, my only beloved sister. U r missed!
Linda Grant
Linda Harlow
Linda Hunter
Linda Kay Swenson
Linda Kay Swenson
Linda Kay Swenson
Linda Kay Swenson
Linda Kay Swenson
Linda Kay Swenson
Linda Kay Swenson
Linda Kay Swenson
Linda Kay Swenson
Linda Kay Swenson
Linda Keen
Linda Leifert
Linda Long
Linda Mangiapane
Linda Martins
Linda Mauk
Linda Mueller
Linda Murphy
Linda Noble
Linda Omer
Linda Padgett
Linda Peyrat
Linda Pratt
Linda Rand
Linda Rand
Linda Roempagel, my forever loving mom. I miss you everyday.
Linda Schultz
Linda Schwisow
Linda Sosa
Linda Stanley
Linda Syktich
Linda Tepper
Linda Torsiello
Linda Torsiello
Linda Venker
Linda Ward Woodward,Oklahoma
Linda Waters
Linda Watson (survivor)
Lindsay Lorraine Nelson
Lindsay White
Lindy Nelson
Lino Darcangelo
Lisa & Seeker Mitchell
Lisa Ackels, Myself, Finishing the Fight
Lisa Archie Vaughn
Lisa Barrett
Lisa Caldwell
Lisa Cannon
Lisa Connors
Lisa Darrah
Lisa de freitas
Lisa DeBellonia Vergona
Lisa Fenton Mapes
Lisa Hendricks
Lisa Hitchings
Lisa Jacobs
Lisa Knochel
Lisa M Ritter
Lisa McCone
Lisa Nusbaum
Lisa Regan Frazier
Lisa Regan Frazier
Lisa Regan Frazier
Lisa Regan Frazier
Lisa Regan Frazier
Lisa Thyen Miller
Lisa Velasquez & Heroes of Hope
Liz Kelly
Liz Lenz
Liz Malouff
Lizzy Johnson, Donteà Johnson, Sue Birk, Denny Mannis, Lewie Townsend, John Martin
Lloyd A Barrigar
Lloyd Cantrell - Father
Lloyd Honeyman
Lois B. Ripper
Lois Burger (Mother)
Lois Fitch
Lois Heck Popham - Love you Mom! Keep fighting!
Lois Landry
Lois McKinney
Lois Weston
Lois Zilavy
Lola Munoz
Lolita and Pollita Alvarado
Lon Angle - the legend lives on
Lonny Hulm
Loren "Humpy" Humphrey
Lorene Mixon
Loretta Bell
Loretta Ceglar
Loretta Woodbury
Loretto Doyle (mom)
Lori A Starke & Lorraine Godesky
Lori Ferguson
Lori Garrabrant
Lori Hubbs
Lori Lommel
Lori Schilder
Lorraine Bowen
Lorraine Crabtree
Lorraine Gnade
Lorraine Merewether
Lorraine Reyes & everyone still fighting
LouAnn Thompson
Louie Johns
Louis J. Chunko
Louis Schneider
Louise Abdow
Louise Burbank , BFF
Louise Clark
Louise Hall
Louise Herbert
Louise Knowles
Loved ones
Loved ones lost
Lovely Lara S. Muller
loving cousin, Sarah Abuda Abraham
Loving Dad, Al Brady
Loving Dad, Al Brady
Loving Husband Fred Liedlich
Loving PaPa, Al Gene Brady
Lowell "Gene" Oakes
Loyetta Weiss
Loys Cannon Maples, Mama of Carolyn Smith, Pancreatic Cancer
Lt Col L E Bragg Jr
Lt. Col. Carroll W. Smith
Lu, Ed and Diann. Never give up.
Luann Colantonio
LuAnn Hennum
Luanne Cain
Lucien J. Duval, 3rd.
Lucille G. Johnson
Lucille Griggs
Lucille Keltz
Lucille Marion
Lucille Ulrich
Lucy Carey
Lucy D Harris
Lucy McElroy Olafson
Lucy Preston
Lucy Sanfillipo
Luella M. Paul
Luella Burns
Luella Hubbard
Luella Huismann
Luis Hurtado Diaz de Leon
Luita Lynch
Luke Timothy Krebs
Lupe Marie Hopper
Lupita Gonzales
Luther Kelsay (Grandpa Jr.), Larry Kelsay (Uncle Bubby)
Luz Godinez
Luzmila Arellano de Chavez
Lyddie Hansen
Lydia Kern Yacino
Lyn R. Masenheimer
Lynda Hall , my Mom
Lynda Molleur
Lynda Molleur
Lynda Taylor
Lynn Carroll
Lynn Carroll
Lynn D'Antonoli
Lynn G. Mensink
Lynn Goggins
Lynn Harrold
Lynn Klunder
Lynn Neu, Joan Wyllie, Margaret Eilerman, Marilyn Ladwig, Annie Rimkus, Cindy Silver, OVCA Support Group
Lynn Pearce
Lynn Watts
Lynne' Byrd Tialios
Lynne Eldredge and Jeanne Bocuzzo
Lynne L. Bailey
Lynnel Smith
Lynnette Kalso Pellegrini
Lyrio Pendergast
Lyudmila Ten
M. Joseph Murphy
Ma and Dude
Mabel King
Mac Lewis
Mac Lewis
Machelle Rincon
Mack Monte Taylor
Maddie Pagel
Maddy Marzano
Madelaine Blakley
Madelaine Blakley
Madelaine Self Blakley
Madeleine Arona
Madeline Blakley
Madeline Gavney
Madison McCafferty
Mae Sims
Mae Wilcox
Magdalene Victor
Maggie and Lou Vondrachek
Maggie Janssen
Maggie Stahl
Major Schneider
Makenzie Landis
Malinda Teel
Malvin and Pauline Ream
Mansfield Family
Manuel M. Perez
Manuel Perez, Beaumont, Texas
Manuel Resendez,Jr, MaryEsther Nunez & Paul Ortega
Many family and friends
Many Friends
Many friends & family
Mara Verkler
Maralee Dickerson
Marc Brubaker and Marian Koch
Marc Schmitz
Marc Simmons - Love of my life
Marcelo Munoz (Tio)
Marcia Herzog
Marcia Moore
Marcia Nolan
Marcia Woldahl
Marco Island Florida Survivors, Caregivers and those we have lost.
Marco T. Martinez
Mare Sjoberg
Margaret Gabhart aka Nana
Margaret & Bob Carter
Margaret (Muma) McMahon
Margaret Ann Clay
Margaret Baughman
Margaret Bowker
Margaret Falconer
Margaret G. Bela
Margaret Grace Creech Sewell
Margaret Hulton McCrory
Margaret Jensen
Margaret Klaerner
Margaret Lindstrom
Margaret Loiselle (Aunt Peggy)
Margaret Madigan
Margaret McKee
Margaret McKee
Margaret McKee
Margaret Rainey
Margaret Schaefer
Margaret Wall Mead
Margaret Wenner (Happy Birthday)
Margarita Salinas
Margarite Stull - Russell Eberly - all deceased members
Marge DeRodeff
Marge Hermely - my Mom
Marge Snyder
Margherita Johnson
Margie Miller
Margie Shinners
Margy Siebert
Mari Merrill
Maria & Jose Luis Ulloa
Maria Angelita Maldonado Gonzalez
Maria Atanase
Maria Castinidos Ruffner
Maria Cristina De Luna
Maria Darcangelo
Maria Feliz Mendoza
Maria Gitana
Maria Kelly
Maria Kelly
Maria Salas (guelita)
Marian Larson
Mariana Cardenas and all she has done to run this relay!
Mariana Fernandez Robertson
Marianne Bennett
Marianne Laug
Marianne Pomeroy
Marie "Nellie" Gary, my grandmother, who is celebrating her birthday in heaven today.
Marie Antoniette Skrobola
Marie E. Bruneau
Marie Englehart
Marie Isko
Marie Kaufman
Marie Maynard
Marie Maynard
Marie Maynard
Marie Schemitz
Marijke J. VanFleet-Silvent
Marilyn Amsden
Marilyn Caudill
Marilyn Eiceman
Marilyn Gay
Marilyn Gulotta
Marilyn Heller
Marilyn Louise Gerbino
Marilyn Pressley
Marilyn Rogers
Marilyn Rosenzweig
Marilyn Thompson
Marilyn W, Didi R, Mike C
Marilyn West
Marilynn K. Braude
Marion Chambers
Marion E Seay
Marion Lewandowski
Marion Lord
Marissa Angell
Marissa Factora
Marjorie Fate
Marjorie Mauser
Mark "Marky" Mertz
Mark Barill
Mark Cory
Mark Dunn
Mark F. Emmett Sr.
Mark Flores
Mark Heffner
Mark Henze
Mark Klouda
Mark Mullins
Mark Schoendaller
Mark Schraffenberger
Mark T. Beckerson
Mark Vansickle
Marla Hartman
Marla Miller
Marla Pettit
Marlene & Duane Meron
Marlene Blank
Marlene Gandiaga
Marlene Hamilton
Marlene Heupel
Marlene McGuinness
Marlene Nucifora - LGFB National Trainer
Marlene O'Connor
Marlis Twedt
Marna Shaw
Marsha Pace Bone - Mother and Best Friend ❤️
Marshall Saskin
Marta & Dave - Miss you Sis & Bro-in-Law!
Marta Mellinger
Martha & Pete Cavinee
Martha Akers
Martha Burnett
Martha Dieckmann
Martha E. Flores
Martha Hall
Martha J. Libby
Martha Moretz
Martha Rosa and Brenda Gonzalez
Martha Winningham
Marti Speckman
Martin B. Sonny Coleman
Martin L. Huban
Marv Codling
Marvin Beck
Marvin Denault
Marvin McKelvey
Marvin Pearson
Marvin Thomas McWhorter
Mary "Sis" Klutch
Mary & Louis Susi
Mary (Perry) Slaughter 1961 to 2004
Mary A Stoltzfus
Mary A. Rush
Mary A. Stoltzfus
Mary Alice Williamson
Mary and Luis Ulloa
Mary Ann
Mary Ann Cunningham
Mary Ann Larson and Joan Ellis
Mary Ann McLaine
Mary Ann Scarlett
Mary Arigo
Mary Bailey Feener, Gloucester, MA
Mary Batliner
Mary Beth Harden
Mary Beth Sifferlen
Mary Billups
Mary Boyce
Mary Carol Crouch
Mary Carolyn Horton
Mary Couchman
Mary DeCicco
Mary Deeney Coyle (Mary's Marchers)
Mary Douglas McDonald
Mary E Richards
Mary E. Fay
Mary E. Murphy
Mary Elizabeth Capek Charrette
Mary Elizabeth Posey
Mary Elizondo
Mary Ellen Ogden & the Kaleidoscope Family
Mary Ellen Seitz-Groshong
Mary Ellen Warner
Mary Frandson Peckham
Mary Fredrickson
Mary G. Wade
Mary Garris Vaughan
Mary Green
Mary Halmagi
Mary Howard
Mary Hutton
Mary Jane Costello
Mary Jo (Bunny) Homan
Mary Jo Davis
Mary Kaatz - Miss you everyday Mom!
Mary Kuntarich aka best mom ever
Mary LaCross
Mary Laemers
Mary Lou Ducey
Mary Lou Munson
Mary Lou Sinnen
Mary Lou Welding - We love and miss you
Mary Lou Wilson
Mary Lowe
Mary Lu Johnson
Mary Maddock
Mary Miron
Mary Orsini Hoyt, my best friend always
Mary Pappas
Mary Rath
Mary Rega
Mary Repa
Mary Sandford
Mary Silveira
Mary Smoker and Walter Clark
Mary Stauffer
Mary Tarbuck
Mary Van Alst
Mary Vicks Oliver
Mary Weeks
Mary Wilcox
Mary, Gloria, Bob, Bev & Dave and daughter
MaryAnn Hansen
Maryann J -- newly diagnosed
MaryAnn Shmegelski
Maryellen Lawlor
Marylou Ricci
Massillon FEW Relay Team
Mathilda and Herman Reichl
Matilda Soza
Matt Lorenzo
Matthew "Hanny" Hanson
Matthew Brandon Kaiser
Matthew Jaworsky
Matthew Stone - 3+ years of treatments
Matthew Zaluski
Mattie Louise Demus
Maude Brown
Maura Varley Twyman
Maureen Hoffman
Maureen King-Wright
Maureen Niemiec
Maureen Smith
Mavis Olson
Max Armstrong
Max Gottstein
Max Mosher
Maxine Bendock
Maxine Wilson
Maxwell Rizzo, Diana Jedrez, Sandy Mazzini and Janet Eicke
May Haydel
Maydy Centeno
McDonald Assevero
MD Anderson Children Patients
Me and all those affected by any type of cancer!
Megan JoAnna John
Megan Mae Szczepanik
Meikel Hansen
Meki Shifflett
Mel Garrison
Mel Siegel
Melanie Cirbus
Melanie Gaddo
Melanie Oberkrom
Melanie Oberkrom
Melanie Oberkrom
Melanie Standard
Melba Shannon
Melisa Cox
Melissa Bernard
Melissa birdwell
Melissa Chalala
Melissa Chalala
Melissa Festmomma Lipscomb
Melissa Fletcher
Melissa Gange
Melissa Murdoch, We love and support your battle against Ewing Sarcoma
Melissa R, Mom, Grandparents, Aunt, Uncle, and Friends
Melissa Wright
Melodie Cole
Melody Bruckner
Melody Bruckner
Melody Duffy
Melvena Hazel
Melvin Conrad
Memaw Turner
Members of the Spangler Family
Memory of Edythe Tainter
Merced Rodriguez
Meredith Ailene Stancil
Meredith Ann Philpot
Merina Healing Arts
Merle Silverman
Mibby Kiger
Mibby Kiger
Michael Beljung, Sr.
Michael Brown
Michael Chowaniec
Michael Cranford
Michael D. Young Sr.
Michael David DuBois
Michael DeVallance
Michael Duggan
Michael Eckert/Peter Dobi
Michael Edgerton
Michael Elkan
Michael F Arnone
Michael FX Burke
Michael Harrington
Michael Harrison
Michael Holtz
Michael J Mcgee
Michael J. McGee
Michael John Jones
Michael Jules - Love you!!
Michael L. Feener, Gloucester, MA
Michael Leighty, love you and miss you!
Michael Meehan
Michael Monozon
Michael O'Connor
Michael P. Quirk
Michael Patton
Michael Rabalais
Michael Ruiz
Michael Ryan
Michael Shane Bolen
Michael Shapiro
Michael Sharrow
Michael Simmons
Michael Smith
Michael Taylor
Michael Vanatta
Michael Vasquez
Michael Whiteherse
Michaela Cecala
Michal Bethea
Micheal Grosz
Michele Clewell
Michele Demzien & Chuck Trigg
Michele Dunn
Michele Kelly - My sister, love and miss you
Michele Rickard
Michele Rutledge
Michele Woodard
Michele Woodard
Michelene Quick
Michelle Armstrong
Michelle Boush
Michelle Caudle & Jim Caudle Jr
Michelle Cozens
Michelle Escamilla
Michelle Escamilla
Michelle Galecka
Michelle Gatton, my sister
Michelle Huetmaker
Michelle Lynchard
Michelle Marriott
Michelle Rickard
Michelle Samanic
Michelle Soljacich
Michelle Uraco
Mick Katschor
mickey montalvo
Mickey Zumbrun
Midge Frey
Midge Krieg
Midge Krieg
Midge Krieg
Mighty Miss Maysie Ames
Miguel Angel Saldana
Miguel V. Saldana
Mike "Donut Man" Evans
Mike "Donut Man" Evans
Mike & Janell Dattke
Mike Dahl
Mike Galiardo
Mike Gengler
Mike Grella
Mike Hess and Scott Wrobleski
Mike Irvin
Mike Martin
Mike McDonald
Mike Morgan
Mike Mowers
Mike Nardella - Our Hero
Mike Ochoa
Mike Openshaw
Mike Owens
Mike Perell
Mike Pursifull
Mike Schmeets
Mike Short
Mike Thomas
Mike Wittmann
Mike Yearty
Mike Young
Milan A Powell
Milánka Maric
Mildred and Jennie Ribaudo
Mildred Bucco
Mildred DeLaCruz
Miles A. Drummond
Milli Vorse
Millie Dudley
Milly Jacobs
Milo Rethmeier
Milton Deaner
Milton H. Mueller
Mimi Greenglass
Mimi Harris
Mimi Stubbs
Minerva G. Lopez
Minnie Gonzales
Mirtha Blanco
Miss Abby Wujcik - Never Forgotten
Miss Becky
Miss Nicole
Mitchell Becker
Mitchell Frye
Mjchael Grady
Moe Simard
Moine Rebecca Williams
Moine Romelle McCollom
Moll Doll - Molly Widner -11/15/96 - 08/12/14
Molly and Andrew
Molly Dunham
Molly Mooney
Molly Widner - Miss you, Tink, Mila, Charlie and Deliah
Mom - Angela Rivers
MOM - Barbara Pierce
Mom - Betty Jo Bowman
Mom & Dad
Mom & Dad Kearns
Mom and Dad
Mom and Dad - Betty & Jay Lance
Mom and grandpa
Mom- Marge Hurley love & miss you
Mom Roth
Mom, Ant G
Mom, Arlene Snyder, lost in 2003.
Mom, Bess Romanello
Mom, Grandma Donna, Bill & Ron
Mom, Larry, Tracy and P. You guys amaze me!
Mom, Sandy, Cathy & Dave
Mon Valley Breast Cancer Walk, 2014
Monica Amrhein
Monica Ann Duplessis
Monica Duplessis
Monica Stritt
Monte Packard, my beloved Dad, who I miss every day
Moo Moo - Molly Widner 08/12/14
Morris Washburn
Mother, Annie Wright - We love and miss you!
Mozelle White
Mr and mrs Paul Freyheit
Mr james Danny Lee
Mr. & Mrs. George Black, Westhampton Beach, NY
Mr. Edward Pope
Mrs Virginia H Swayze & Mr. BC Swayze
Mrs. Edna D. Koger
Ms Sarah Pope
Ms. Carolyn Marie Koger
Ms. Courtney Hodges and All the little ones.
Ms. Mary Thomas - Milwaukee, WI
Muriel Thorpe
Muriel Webb
Murray Mosser
My 2014 River Discovery Fellow Tribe Members
My amazing grandmothers
My amazing mom Heidi Varner
My amazing patients
My amazing relay family @ the RFL of Ayer you!
My Aunt Carol
My Aunt Evelyn Young
My Aunt Kim! Fight it hard... You can do it!!! Love you xoxo
My Aunt Peg Smith (Breast cancer)
My Aunt, Beth Kattner
My aunt, Phyllis Toelle
My Awesome Dad Jose Felix Leal
my awesome Dad!
My Baby Sister : Erika Bell Pruitt
My baby sister Stacey Moison
My beautiful and positively strong friend Trish Storella
My Beautiful Chakra Sisters
My Beautiful Daughter - Megan Aune
My Beautiful Daughter Heather Kuepper . I love you so much and am so blessed and grateful for everyday I get to spend with you. Love Mom
My beautiful friends who continue to fight!
my beautiful gram, Lula Rautio, who through her journey inspired me to be a nurse
My beautiful mom Judy Black
My beautiful mom Sally Walker
My Beautiful Mom, Clarice!
My beautiful mother, Kathie Reed!
My beautiful mother, Shirley Diaz. Metastatic lung cancer took you away from us, but you are forever in our hearts. I love you and miss you so very much. 💕❤️💕
My Beautiful Sister "Lynn Wilson Rone!" I love you!
My beautiful sister Elizabeth "Biffy" DeBuys
my beloved aunt, Ngoc-Nu Hoang
My beloved Danny Rob
My beloved father Sidney Powell
My beloved husband JR Miles
My Beloved Husband, Larry R. Stephen
My Best Friend Chris Vollkommer who I miss every day!
My BESTEST BESTIE Traci Henricksen Rush
My Big Brother- David W Gens
My big brother Donnie. I love you and I miss you!
My big brother Ronald Clark 3-15-60 to 12-15-11
My Boy Friend Carm
My Brave Son, Jacob Toste :)
My brother Bill Daniel and everyone who has lost the battle
my brother in law and everyone else fighting the fight.
My brother in law, Wayne Konitzer
My brother John Irwin
my brother Lee Kinney
My brother Steve Penka- I miss you everyday
My brother, David Buttaro
My Brother, Edder Angel Hernandez...You have gained God's greatest Gift! Eternal Life! I miss you!
My brother, Frank Colleli. Keep up the good fight.
My brother, Mike Dunham
My brother, Tony Novak
My brother: Robert Ranson
My Brother--Tony Oost
My Carmelite Sisters
My Carmelite Sisters
My CCCC - Marion Reed - Missing you!
my cousin Dawnie!!
My Cousin Sue
my cousin Toni
My Cousins
My Dad
My Dad
My Dad
My Dad
My Dad - James Crouse
My dad - Jim York
My Dad - Kevin Nolan - "The Brow"
My Dad - My hero - Gary Bishop
My Dad 💜 Aaron
My Dad ( Don W. Pruett )
My Dad Andy Palovchalk
My Dad- Denny Oest
my dad Derold Gurnsey
My Dad Juventino Garcia and Family who are fighting cancer and remember those who gave a good fight.
My dad Les Anderson
My dad Robert Fontana
My Dad Roberto, brother-in-law Chuck & nephew Patrick
My Dad!
my Dad!
my Dad!
My dad, aunts, and first cousins who have passed away due to this disease - miss you all so much!
My Dad, Bill Rice
My Dad, Bob Gordon
My Dad, Doug Simon
My Dad, Ed Rhodes <3
My Dad, James P. Stahl
My dad, Jerry Young
my dad, Jim Anderson
My dad, John Hurley
My Dad, John Watton. My Hero.
My Dad, Joseph Broock
my dad, Joseph Slattery
My Dad, Mario Albertoni
My Dad, Nicholas Tierno who is Living everyday
My Dad, Reggie Sharp, who passed away on June 10, 1997 from esophageal cancer
My Dad, Vern Harrison
My dad...Ev Wilson and my Uncle
My dad...Walter LaBonte
My Dad: Ed Keller
My Daddy, Jim W & My Husband, Frank W
My Daddy....Thomas Murray
My Dad--Ray Krezmer, Jr.
My daily inspiration, My VOLUNTEERS!
My daughter -- Tracy -- a survivor
My daughter Lennette McCoy
My daughter Molly Widner - 11/15/96 - 08/12/14
My daughter, Melanie; a 22 year survivor!
My Daughter, Shanna Moss Grantham
My dear father, Wendell. I love you and miss you everyday.
My dear friend Margaret Hansen
My Dear friend Margaret Meaney
My dear sister Marilyn Coffey
My dear sweet mother, Peggy Henson
My Dearest Husband SHIB
My dearly beloved family members and friends touched by this terrible illness.
My Family
My family & friends affected by cancer
My family & friends that are now Angels!!
My family & friends who fight for every bday
My family and friends
My family and friends
My family and friends
My Family and Friends taken from us too early !!!
my family members who lost the battle
My father- Gary R. Jones
My Father In Law, Terry Mix
My Father, Aparicio Cabral
My father, Rev. Barry D. Noll
My father, Wade, and my uncle, Doug
My father-in-law, Jim Dick, Sr.
My favorite Dino - Dennis Pruitt
My Friend - Dan Sanchez
My Friend Peggy Thomsen
My friend, Ann Rowe. You fought a brave fight my friend. You are missed.
my friends and family who are currently fighting cancer
My friends and family who battled or are battling this disease.
My friends and family who have lost the fight - you are always in my thoughts!
My friends who have made this journey with me!
My Grams
My Grandaughter Molly Widner 08/12/14
my grandfather, Louis Carfora
My grandfather, Walter A. Keller
My Grandma Lucy Huth (Lung cancer)
my Grandma Ruthie
My Grandma, Helen Popkins
My Grandmother Hazel
My Grandmothers, family/friends, and clients whom I've had the BLESSING of having in my life! Love you all!!!
My Grandpa Ernesto
my grandsons and a cancer-free future
My Hero and True Love, My Mom, Anne Marie Popkins
My Hero, My Dad, Bob Rinehart
My Honey
My Hubby Les
My Husband Brian Cram
My husband David Wilson
My husband Ken Hise
My husband Richard Strassler
My husband Tom, my mom Beth, my grandparents
My husband, Buddy Wain Reedy
My Husband, Darrell
My Husband, Dave Bostik
My Husband, Gary Lynn Moss
My husband, Mark Stanford Keith
My husband, Paul Gottschalk
My husband, Stefan Johnston
My husband, William "Bill" Mehall
My Juan Arteaga and all those lost and battling GOD BLESS
My little angel boy Timothy Zohner, II
My Love, John DelMonaco
My loving Grandmothers/Nonna & Grandfathers/Nonno
My loving Grandpa Ray
My loving Husband Ronald Brit Schroeder 8-18-2013
My Loving Husband, Al Brady
My Loving Husband, Al Brady
My Loving Husband, Tommy Caropreso~Love You
My loving mom-Leatha Mikitiuk
My Loving Parents Maria Alicia & Jose Luis Ulloa
My Mama Rae Smiley
My Mom
My mom
My Mom - Janet Mercon
My Mom - Linda Garcia
My Mom - Marie Dukat
My Mom - Phyllis E Shell
My Mom & Best Friend, Norma Klein
My Mom & Brother, and my multiple friends lost to cancer
my Mom & in memory of my Dad
My Mom ~ Elly Domenico
My mom and BFF Rose "Muffin" Hines
My Mom and Dad who both have died much to young from cancer
My mom and my entire family who has been affected
My Mom Ann Kolor Patterson
my mom Ann, Uncle Mo, Lil' Charlie, Sis'n'law April, and all friends/family battling this ugly disease. I love you all dearly!!!
My Mom Janice and My Dad Richard
My Mom Lynn Trollope
My mom Maria A. Salinas
My mom Natalie Vassallo
My Mom Sally Huth (Skin cancer)
My mom Victoria Burnett
My mom Virginia Slate
My Mom, and memory of Vicky and Dr. Senn
My mom, Becky Duke
My Mom, Charlotte Sharp, who survived two different types of breast cancer. She lived with me for the last 8 1/2 years of her life and passed away on June 20, 2009.
My mom, Claudia Colleli and my little sister, Sheri Colleli Hogan.
My Mom, Diana Neal
My mom, Elena DeLavo
My MOM, Elena F. Scioneaux
My Mom, family members, myself and countless friends and acquaintances and everyone else who has been touched by this disease🙏💚
My mom, Fran Dunham
My Mom, Janice Ulrich
My Mom, Jo Ellen, Who Fought 3 Cancers and Won!!
My Mom, Julie Brown
My Mom, Linda Taylor
My Mom, Margaret McCabe
My mom, Mary Montgomery
My mom, Monique
My Mom, my aunts, and myself.
My mom, Pat Medeiros
My mom, Pat, and in memory of my dad, Jay and my Aunt Kathy
My mom, Sandy Turner
My Mom, Sue Prather
My Mom....My Hero
My Mom-Mary Jo Herman
My Mommy. My Everything. Kelley Ayn Smith
My Mom-Toben Allen
My Mother
My Mother
My Mother - Donna Keathley Dill
My mother Catharine Caldwell
My mother Clare McCormack
My mother Doris Wurman
My mother Fausatu Adewunmi
My Mother Paulette Redar
My Mother Rennie Reed
My Mother Robin
My mother, "Bad Betty" Johnson
my mother, Arlene Carney
My mother, Beverley Wallinga
My mother, Christine Hallock
My mother, Katherine "Kit" Hargreaves
My Mother, Lupe Padilla & Grandma Ruth Padilla & My Uncle Reuben
My mother, Marge Buttaro
My mother, Mary Mills
My Mother, Olive T. Burnley
My mother, Rose Marie Novak
My mother, Ruth Stewart
My mother, Tina Ladowski, survivor and my hero :)
My neighbor and friend, Nancy.
My niece Nicole Martinez-Corpus Christ,Tx
My office mates, Mel and Debbey
My Pa, John; gone 28 years but forever in my heart.
My pappaws, Pat, my patients
My parents
My parents Dorothy Daugherty & Thomas Ivey; my brother Ricky Ivey & sister Kay Ivey; friends Martha Jane Greene and Elaine Froeter
My partner, Gay Marie Foster, who, in addition to having early onset Alzheimer's, also went through 10 weeks of chemotherapy for a very rare form of leukemia...t-cell prolymphocytic leukemia.
My peds people!
My Poppie Tullio Scocchera
My relay team, Heart & Sole Team
My second mom, Bert
my sister Cheryl
My sister Jo
My Sister Lisa Wadsworth
my sister Mary E. Fay
My Sister Molly Widner 11/15/14 - 08/12/14
My sister Nancy Taylor and brother Don Biby
my sister Stanli
My sister Starr
My Sister Susan Ondreyka
My sister Tina Weik
My Sister, Ann M. Zeirhut
My sister, Genna Koval Kundratic
My sister, Leslie Hutchison
my sister, Lisa Ackels
My sister, Thea Carlson
My Sister-in-law Patty Grotluschen
My Sisters * Linda, Betty & Noreen
my sisters Donna Spath and Judy Phillips and my dad Robert Spath.
My son Eric Zausch
My son Mike Mira fighting testicular cancer.
My son Ryan Paul langley
My son, Douglas J. Myers
My strong Aunt Phyllis Johnson
My Survivorship
My Sweet Baby Sister, Lisa Ann Rogers
My Sweetie Pie, Frank D'Ambola
my two mothers
My Uncle Sonny
My uncle, Warren "Sonny" Noll
My Uncle: Bob Ambrose
My Uncles Larry & Earl & Friend Cindy
My Warrior - Jeff Burnham
My wife a 7 year Survivor and hope for many more birthdays
my wife bettie
My Wife Stacy Mueller
My wonderful friend Tandy...I love you, let's finish this fight!
My wonderful loving mom Maria A. Salinas winning the fight againt breast cancer diagnosed this year in July
My wonderful Mother, Carmen Cabral
My Wonderful Mother, Betty Brewton
Myra S Williams
Myrile Chilton
Myrna L Clark
Myself (Bonnie R. King) and all other cancer fighers
Myself, my dear friend Stacey, and all those fighting this horrible disease
myself....breast cancer survivor
Nadine chauvet
Nadine Choueka
Nana & Pap McFerron
Nana & Uncle Randy
Nana and Grandpa Red
Nana Banana Brubaker
Nana Donna Gilmore
Nancy @ Mt HUSHEK
Nancy and LeRoy Farris
Nancy Ballengee
Nancy Blair, Bill and Betty Duggins, Michelle-Mueller Hinton, Susan Sorenson
Nancy Bowling
Nancy Breidenbach
Nancy Brockman
Nancy Brockman
Nancy Dobson
Nancy G. Manuel
Nancy Gene Martin Harper
Nancy Hollensteiner
Nancy Hovland
Nancy Kohn
Nancy Lazorchak
Nancy Lazorchak
Nancy Lee Hill, Best Mom & Grandma in the World! We love you & Miss You!
Nancy Lingo's fight against Leukemia
Nancy Louise Stevenson
Nancy Marlene Brothers
Nancy May
Nancy May
Nancy McKiernan
Nancy Peters
Nancy Ponzio
Nancy R. White
Nancy Reaney
Nancy Rubenstein
Nancy St. Omge
Nancy St.Onge
Nancy Susan Reaney
Nancy Susan Reaney
Nanny Joan Delaney
Natalie (my mom), Alan
Natalie Goff
Natalie Hill #LLLN
Nate Nunamaker
Neal Chapman, Ann Durbin, Larry Pohlman,
Neal Jacobs
Ned Tomboli
Nefeterius Akeli McPherson
Neil A. Hacker
Neil Clendenen
Nelda Pulliam
Nelda Ralene Mendenhall - Our baby sister
Nellie Mae Houghton
Nelson Burstein
Nene and Papa
Neysa Arena
Nicholas & Anne Marie Mohan
Nicholas Alexander Wilkins
Nicholas Novicky
Nicholas Posadas
NICK BONCATO - Beloved husband & father
Nick Carpenter
Nick Diaz and those who've lost loved ones
Nick Ford
Nick Kramzer
Nick Petruzzi
Nicolas "Nick" Diaz
Nicole Cable
Nicole Cazares
Nicole Keller Derrick
Nicole Pearcy and all those I know and love who are fighting the fight!
Nicole VanDeMark
Niecy Davis, Renee Moye, Carolyn Pittman, Peggie Andrade, Betty Fulton
Nikki Smith Blose, my wife, love and soulmate.
Nikki Sulsar/foster
Nils "Moeski" Johnson
NINA CARLO-friends forever!
Nina Mazuzan
Nina Mora
Nina Shaffer
Nina Sheley
Noel Irvine
Noelle Davis
Noh Hee Choo
Norm & Betty Anderson
Norma Canard
Norma Jardon Troxel
Norma Jean Anderson
Norma Nicoloff
Norman Gillespie
Norman Lefebvre
Norman Minard
Norman Richard
Norrine Bailey Spencer
O.T. Chambers
Oddis M. Williams
Of all those we have lost and miss
of does who still fighting
of family and friends who have battled cancer...let's wipe this out!
Of our father Marvin Lloyd Arnold, Sr.
Of those we have lost in South Lane County Oregon
Olan Cosper
Olav Jenssen
Olite Domingue
Olive Jane Simmons
Ollie H Adkins AKA Daddy
Omi Pindzig
Oncology Nurses Everywhere!
Opa - Daddy - Paul Rogers
Opal Clevenger
Orestes Ojito (Tio)
Orlando Cossio
Orville "Fat" Moore
Oscar Cabrera
Other members of my family who died of cousin, Steve, my Aunt Charlene, my Uncle Doug.
Otis Booth
Otto Fromholz
Our Angels Who Fought and Lost ...
Our children & grandchildren
Our Dad Christopher Francis Ramos...1955-2013...WE LOVE AND MISS YOU!!!
Our Daddy, Rob Burnett
Our daughter Shaun Winkel
Our daughter Shelby Vitarius (7 year cancer survivor)
our dear Bobby
Our Family & Friends
our family and friends who have, have had, or will have cancer
Our Father & Father-in-Law, Carl Hale
our father Joe Kinney
Our Friends & Family who have lost the battle to this dreaded disease
Our GFWC-MFWC Batesville Junior Woman's League friend.....Chris Cobb...We love you!
Our Good Friend Joan Wing
Our latest Warrior who lost her battle, Barb Cline. May she find peace as she joins, my Father, Paternal Grandmother, Maternal Grandfather, Paternal Aunt, Maternal Uncle and many friends as they watch over us.
Our loved ones
Our Lovely Randa Choate, we love you so much!
Our loving daughter, Amber Gray who is fighting cancer.
Our loving Mom, daugther, sister, aunt, niece, cousin & friend we miss you so much and love you with all our hearts Adriana P. Salinas who lost her battle with brain cancer on 9/20/2013
Our mom Adriana P. Salinas
Our Mom Heidi Johnson
OUR MOM- Marie Chayo Guerra
Our Mom, Our Grummy, Our Hero- Judy Ruth
Our Mother & Mother-in-Law, Agnes Johnson
Our mother, Dorothy Blad
Our Nephew, Ben Chiesa ~ We Love You!
our parents and sisters
Our sister Adriana P. Salinas
Our son Bradley Adkisson
Our son Bradley Adkisson
Our Son, Jason Corey Kane
Our SUPERMAN Brad Agnew
Our Survivors of Greene Memorial UMC
OUR WARRIOR - Michael Alcayaga !
Our wonderful Mom, ILA HEGLAND
Ovarian Cancer Survivors and families
Overlea's Angels - too many lost too young.
Owen Cherry
Paddy Upton & Katrin Schon
Palma Bruce
Pam "mom" Johnston
Pam Bennett
Pam Cook
Pam Coon
Pam Drumheiser
Pam Garber
Pam Jenkins
Pam Johnston "My Pammy Jo"
Pam Kells
Pam Linville
Pam Phelps
Pam Sova Smalley
Pam, Resa, and Karen
Pamee Bishop
Pamela Ann McGregor Capek
Pamela Hitchcock
Pamela LaVarre
Pamela Vujtech
Pap Pap Todd
Pap Redding & Nannie Kale
Papa (Dr. William Burr Jr.)
Papa Bear
Papa Gurnsey
Papa Lee Bragg
Papa Medina
Papa Rodney Schwarze
Papa Tom Harris
Papa Whitey & Bobpa
Pappy Jim, Mimi Shirley, Bonnie Laird, Felder Williams
Parents: Anne & Bill Ackerman; ACS Keys Chair: Patsy Morrow
Pat Barber
Pat & Bob Courtenay - loving parents
Pat and Diane McDowell
Pat Armour
Pat Cantrelle Sonnier
Pat Davis
Pat Delos Reyes
Pat Fenters
Pat Gadlage and Sharon Gunselman
Pat Hanna
Pat Hudson
Pat Huskey
Pat Kohutek
Pat Krenz
Pat Larson
Pat Metallo
Pat Montgomery
Pat Napple
Pat O'Laughlin
Pat Smoyer
Pat Stone - minor surgery and 1 pill
Pat Van Dyk
Pat Young
Pat, John, Sr & John, Jr Major.. y'all are always in our thoughts
Pat, Rosa, Susan, Letty
Patia Sandifer
Patrica Gillis
Patrice Wilson
Patricia Ames Smith
Patricia (Keith) Grove
Patricia A King 4E57
Patricia A. Dallabrida
Patricia Ann Kirby
Patricia Ann Morris - SURVIVOR!!!!
Patricia Baker
Patricia Barclift
Patricia Bianchini
Patricia Burcelis
Patricia Ellison Baum
Patricia Flores
Patricia Fluke
Patricia Francis
Patricia Hall
Patricia Harkey
Patricia Harris
Patricia Kuhn - Beautiful Mom - once an Angel on Earth Now an Angel in Heaven
Patricia Louise McGinty Thompson
Patricia Luft
Patricia Mangili Stewart
Patricia Marrone
Patricia Olszewski
Patricia Rayford
Patricia Ryall
Patricia Soria
Patricia Wilks
Patricia Zapata
Patricio SAlas
Patrick Bower and all that he does to fight the fight for those who can't
Patrick David Horning
Patrick Granahan
Patrick Powers
Patrick Todd Michael Langley
Patrick W. Buckley
Patsy Oneal Morrow
Patsy O'Rourke
Patsy Silvera, Mercy Sabijon, Maria Fuentes
Patsy Smith
Patti Jo Gross
Patti Sheppard
Patti White
Patti York
Pattie Miron Scarnati
Patti-Jo Prezioso
Patty Anderson
Patty Elkins
Patty Graham
Patty Grotluschen
Patty Kovach
Patty Pickering
Patty Saternow
Patty Shorney
Patty Sipes - Miss you Aunt Patty!!
Patty Smith
Patty Zelle
Paul & Patti DeMello, my parents.
Paul & Rozella Decker
Paul and Lorraine Culligan
Paul Blackwelder
Paul Councill
Paul DeMello, my loving husband.
Paul Dollar
Paul Donald Bateman, Jr
Paul Drewy
Paul E Carbaugh- Pap Pap
Paul E Carbaugh-Pap Pap Love and Miss you
Paul F. Hanson
Paul Kaylor
Paul S. Sepe
Paul Sadlon
Paula "Grandie" McGill-Lewis
Paula G. Escalante
Paula Hedden
Paula Huettig
Paula Luke
Paula Lundstrom
Paula Lytle
Paula Schwab
Paula Spencer
Paula Stevenson
Pauline Hall
Pauline Laverne Israel
Pauline Paquette, who we miss every day
Pauline Preston Peck
Pearl Billups
Pearl Elizabeth Strother
Pearl Waterbury
Pedro Escalante
Peg Ash
Peggy Ahcan
Peggy and Hardy
Peggy Axberg
Peggy Casey
Peggy Chrystal
Peggy D. Hughes--Don, Susan, and Debbie's Mom
Peggy DeHaven
Peggy Jo Beard
Peggy Keeling Grant
Peggy Lay
Peggy Locklay
Peggy Miller
Peggy Morris
Peggy Nelson
Peggy Perdue
Peggy Ray
Peggy Rose
Peggy Striblin - Forever in our Hearts!
Peggy Young
Penelope Niven
Penny Cannon
Penny Reeser
people affected by cancer
Pete & Betty Ward
Pete & Venita Herrington
Pete Bero
Pete Dyess
Pete Penry
Pete Perez
Pete Petersen
Pete Rossi
Peter Charles Frandson
Peter E. Hyland
Peter J Chevalier
Peter Meyer
Peter Roberts
Peter VanSchaik III
Petra Perez and Jose Perez
Phil Sigman
Philip Covelli
Philip Gotschall
Philip Press
Philip Whitmore & Kurt Endres
Phillip "Frizz" Sabatino
Phillip James Carasi
Phyllis (Lesa) Davison
Phyllis Barbaro
Phyllis Chudnick
Phyllis Donovan
Phyllis Harrison Roach
Phyllis Herrman
Phyllis Musella
Phyllis Scullion
Phyllis Soltis
Phyllis Story
Pitney Risden
Polly Scanlon
Poppop and Poppop Dennis
Precious Goodwin
Priscilla Gayle Dryden We Love You Granny! <3
Priscilla Green
Priscilla Turnbull
Priscilla Vela
Pyper Young
Quentin Hubbard
R. Jekich
R. M. Robinson
R.F.Raidle, Paula Smill, Paul Smill
Rable Curts
Rachael "Aunt Dolly" Strazza
Rachael Hinojosa
Rachael Jones
Rachel and. Bill Shafer
Rachel Hunt
Rachel Jebe
Rachel Kalinisan
Rachel Shulman
Rachel Slone
Ragnar Jacobsen
Ralph & Rhonda Walton
Ralph Crocker
Ralph Farmer
Ramon Ruiz(Mercedes, TX)
Ramona Huerta
Randolph Lozada
Randolph M. Henderson
Randy Graham
Randy Moore
Randy Schott
Raul Morales, Sr.
Raul R. Perez
Raul R. Perez Sr.
Ray Christian
Ray Dupree
Ray Durgan
Ray E. Guttormson, father & grandfather
Ray Forest
Ray Lecato
Ray Russo
Ray Singletary
Ray Williams
Rayann Sue Lower Polivka
Raymond Allen 'Jake' Jacobs
Raymond and Rosa Tabor
Raymond Clapp
Raymond Glowniak Sr
Raymond S Brown
Raymond Scott Ingram
Rebecca Audet
Rebecca Stepusin
Rebecca Trent
Rebekah Anna Raftovich Mama's beautiful girl!!
Red Miller
Reed Deppe and Harley Fields
Refugio "Cuco" Dominguez
Relay For Life of Douglas County Nebraska Event Volunteer Committee
Relay For Life of Douglas County Omaha Nebrska
Relay For Life of Santee - 15 years fighting!
Rena Gomach
Renee Goodman Acors
Renee Luzi
Renee Phillips
Reuben Nachman
Rev Ollie Thompson Jr.
Rev. Ben F Palmer
Rex MxQueen
Rhoda Howell
Rhonda Fuegos
Rhonda Mueller
Rhys Galetti
Ricardo Moreno Mahamuth
Rich "Snacko" Shea
Rich Cantavespi
Rich Heinz
Rich Schwieters
Rich Taylor
Rich, Ray,Irene Iberg, Robert,Velma Rochell, Grace Cherry
Richard "Dick" Wall
Richard "Grampy" Corcoran
Richard Berryhill
Richard Boden
Richard Doren
Richard Dube my husband
Richard Dunn
Richard Elliott & Danielle Russell
Richard Filion
Richard Gildea
Richard Graber
Richard Graziano
Richard H Symonds
Richard Horne
Richard Izold
Richard J. Shepard
Richard Lee Taylor
Richard Maiorisi
Richard Marquez
Richard Martin
Richard Mattis
Richard McDonald
Richard Metz
Richard P. Bryk
Richard Plummer
Richard R Bates
Richard Schumacher
Richard Settanni
Richard Sheley
Richard Tyrrell
Richard W.Turner
Richard Wall
Richard Wayne Reed
Richard Wilson
Rick (Mr. Golf) Rinz
Rick Boas
Rick Brinker
Rick Cotton
Rick Frock
Rick Greene
Rick Raines
Rick Ricciardi
Rick Sawyer
Rick Visser
Ricky Gallant
Ricky Starkey
Rie Reardon
Riley Degginger
Rita Gmuca Johnson
Rita Jones
Rita McNamara
Rita Roy
RJ Niko
Rob Boom
Rob Lipp - From the Heenan Family
Rob Noon,
Rob O"Shaughnessy, Love of my life
Rob Taber
Robb Brach
Robb Guyer
Robert "Bob" Griffin
Robert "Bob" Howard
Robert "Bobby G" Newton
Robert "Bobby" Gray
Robert & Helene Koller
Robert Aguilar
Robert and Sharon Di Maggio XOXO
Robert Benson Wilson
Robert Bequette
Robert Bistany
Robert Boehm
Robert C Briscoe
Robert C. (Bobby) Wilson
Robert C. McGuireJr
Robert D. Drager
Robert Dennis Peters
Robert Dollar
Robert E Williams
Robert E. Leahy
Robert Earl Loiselle (Pepere)
Robert F. Carden
Robert Fink, Margaret Fink, and the many friends that have died from cancer.
Robert Gipe
Robert Gray
Robert H. Peters, Sr.
Robert Hillger
Robert Hovland
Robert K Price, Sr.
Robert Kumnick
Robert L. Rinaldi
Robert Lee Liddel
Robert Leroy Hanrahan
Robert Lewis Jr.
Robert Liddel
Robert May
Robert Prahar & Ken Geissler
Robert R. Richardson Jr.
Robert Rigamonti
Robert Russell
Robert Saalfrank
Robert Sajatovich Jr. -Great Father, Love and miss you!
Robert Thompson
Robert Vesper
Robert Weidner
Robert William Francis
Robert Woeller
robert yanak
Roberta Goodrich
Roberta Lagunas Ruiz
Roberta Newcomer
Robin Bramblett
Robin Fields
Robin H. Hamilton
Robin L Hamilton
Robin Mari Knox
Robin Shannon
Robin Wagman
Roby Lynn
Rocco Capabianco
Rocky Rothrock
Rocky Sapenaro
Rod Struss
Roddy Dougherty
Rodger Douglass
Rodney Boqua
Rodney Jones
Rodney Koch
Rodney VanKirk
Rog Mullin
Roger Avery
Roger Becker
Roger Chriest
Roger Dolson I
Roger Goldberg
Roger Lee Shields
Roger Pype
Roger Seitz
Roger Sommer - I love you Dad!
Roger Spalding
Roger Thames
Roger Tsuda (Dad)
Roger VanHoy
Roger VanHoy
Roger Willrett
Roland E Harring
Rolf Opjorden Sr. and Rolf Opjorden Jr.
Roma Jean Harris
Rome O. Stephens, Miss you Dad!
Rommel Cinco
Ron and Sandra Frost
Ron Beaver
Ron Ferdelman
Ron Isbell, husband
Ron Muntz
Ron Trammell
Ron, Theresa,Dad, Mom Locke
Ronald Allen & Rodney Ware
Ronald Dumas
Ronald K. Baker, Jr.
Ronald Kilzer
Ronald Parson
Ronette Clubb
Ronnie Cook
Ronnie Foster
Ronnie Foster
Ronnie Gore
Ronnie Ream
Ronnie Rider
Ronnie, Natalie, Jedi Max- Go Gold For Childhood Cancer
Rosa Benitez
Rosa Saldana
Rosa V. Benitez
Rosalie Hallowell
Rosalyn Adler
Rosalyn Adler
Rosalyn Fierstein
Rosamond Kuntz
Roscoe March Sr.
Rose Adele Christian Besser
Rose Ann Bradner
Rose D. Sameshima
Rose DeMeo
Rose Heinert
Rose Marie Egolf and all those affected by Lung Cancer
Rose Marie Muschitiello
Rose Martyn
Rose Myers
Rose Peluso
Rose Perugini, My Mom missing you 35 yrs. this month
Rose Stowell
Rose Williams
Roseann Heinzeroth
Roseanna Goggins-Pharmacy Tech
Rosemarie Meyer
Rosemarie Seno
Rosemary "Granny" Snyder
Rosemary Fleig
Rosemary Lee
Rosemary Searle Maxim
Rosie Andres
Rosie Kegler Fulks
Rosie Keller
Rosie Streich and Kathy Yates
Roslyn "Rosie" Humphrey
Ross Hardy
Ross Raimo
Ross Russell
Rotunda Tatum - Milwaukee, WI
Rowena Martin Head
Roxanne Rich-Slonaker
Roxanne Von Seggern
Roxy Tony
Roy & Carmen Hunt
Roy A. Massengale
Roy and Florence Fares We miss you!
Roy Brewer
Roy Jennings
Roy Schneider
Roy Schneider
Roy Snyder, Fight On!
Roy Talley
Royce G. Bailey, Blountstown, FL
Ruby (Benshoff) Harnish
Ruby Peters, Christy Baker, Cassy & Cynia Taylor, Cassy's Crusaders, All-Stars (Team86), Relay for Life Howard County, Indiana
Ruby R Golden
Rudy Baccei (My Dad My Hero), Tom Long, Ruth and Bill Bradfield
Rufina Rivera
Russell "Don" Baker
Russell & Dorothy Austin
Russell & Dorothy Austin
Russell and Jackie Guice
Russell B. Jones
Russell Beach
Russell Brooks I
Russell David Turney, Sr.
Russell E. Austin
Russell E. Culver, Jr.
Russell Holder
Russell Justice
Russell Lomax & Chris (Lomax) Kelly
Russell M Baldwin
Russell R. Morris
Russell Wiedenmann
Russell Wiedenmann
Russell Wiedenmann
Rusty Cook
Ruth Bacon
Ruth Dean Mcphail Seever
Ruth Garcia
Ruth Hill
Ruth J. Hallman
Ruth Jeanette Twilley
Ruth Key
Ruth Powell
Ruth S. Anderson - 9 Year Survivorship :)
Ruth Wessel
Ruth Wilson
RuthAnn Gillooly
Ruthann's Becker
Ruthe Upton
Ruthie Cunningham
Ryan Baker
Ryan Scott Palmer
Ryan Twilley
S S Lovern
Sabino "Bean" Alvino
Sally Everhart
Sally Grimes
Sally Hansen
Sally Lubeck
Sally Peterson
Sally Reynolds
Sam Dunn-miss you everyday Dad!
Sam Freck
Sam Freck
Sam Kreider
Sam Rodriguez Jr.
Sam Rodriguez Jr.
Sammy Hall
Samuel J. Golub
Samuel L Pulera
Samuel Lee Beck
Samuel M. Dryden We Love You Grandpa! <3
Samuel Ventris
Samuel W Costa, Jr.
Sandra Bassett
Sandra Carson Lee
Sandra Collins
Sandra E Hampson
Sandra Landry
Sandra Revious Erickson
Sandra Thompson
Sandra Webber
Sandy (Jackson) Ballinghoff
Sandy (Sandra) Wagner
Sandy Bettencourt
Sandy Burke
Sandy Cohen Ajzenman
Sandy Hagist Carr
Sandy Hoffman
Sandy Hurtibise
Sandy Ingle & Wayne Walker
Sandy Lambert- Cousin
Sandy Petzoldt
Sandy Rinker
Sandy Scourby
Sandy Vanderpool
Sara & Morris Boyarsky
Sara Drexler
Sara J. Walsh
Sara Kramer
Sara Stokes
Sarah Carr
Sarah Chadwick
Sarah Champion
Sarah Denman
Sarah E. Forehand
Sarah Kristine Friedman
Sarah Madl
Sarah McPherson-Holmes
Sarah Wilhite
Sarita Feliciano
Scott Betthauser
Scott Dittmar
Scott Robert Wilson
Scott Vang
scotty green
Sean Francis Matthew Mellon
Sean Jenkins
Seeff Grauer
Selena Smith
Senora Bennett
Sergio Luis Dalessio Santos
Seth Ginter
Sgt. FEW
Sgt. Michael T. Baker USMC (Bershey #3)
SGT. Scott A. Miller (Bubba)
Sha Perryman
Shanda Eyler
Shane Blackwell
Shane Carr
Shane Lamarr
Shane Redman
Shane Redman
Shannon Bearer
Shannon Drake, Our Angel in Heaven!
Shannon Groff
Shannon Looney Ridler
Shannon R Gauze
Shannon Roach
Shareen M Jennings
Sharell Russon
Shari Ann Huffman
Shari Moceri
Sharleen Fannin
Sharon A Shields
Sharon Andrews
Sharon Arendt
Sharon Byrd
Sharon D. Shepherd
Sharon Haener
Sharon Kaucic
Sharon Kortuem - "Ma"
Sharon Lynn King
Sharon Marcoux
Sharon Nicholson
Sharon Peterson
Sharon Pierce
Sharon Pike
Sharon Tollefson
Sharon Wheeler
Sharon White
Shaunna Jennings McNatt
Shawn Dennis
Shawn Pantazis
Shawn Stephenson & Ron Stephenson
Shawnia Spegal
Shay McNamee
Shay McNamee
Sheila Adams
Sheila Blankenship
Sheila Cingolani - forever in my heart!
Sheila Donoghue
Sheila Rogers
Sheila Thomas
Shelby Dupnik
Shelby Lopez 9/26/06-4/13/07
Shelby Lynn Weason, my schnauzer
Sheldon Freddy Feinstein, my beloved Uncle
Shelia Friend
Shelley Meyers & Kim Simchik (Friends battling together)
Shelli DeSimone
Shelly Hoffman
Shelly Luna/Barbara Dodson/Paul Olson
Shelly Schonfeld Mason
Sheree Barcello
Sheree Barcello
Shereen A. Massoud
Shermel A. Brown
Sherri Luttrell - TEAL is her new Purple!
Sherri Matuska
Sherri Morales
Sherri Seymour
Sherri Seymour
Sherrill Brandon
Sherrill Morris
Sherry Amig
Sherry Carter
Sherry Drexel
Sherry Honeyman
Sherry Mettlen
Sherry Michalk
Sherry Montemayor
Sherry Sacramone
Sherry Sbarsky
Sherry Sperring
Sherry Wheeler
Sheryl Bean
sheryl wilburn
Shigeko Swagerty
Shirley Ann Carmon
Shirley Awender
Shirley Crabtree
Shirley Davidson
Shirley Hackett
Shirley Harris
Shirley Hodges
Shirley House
Shirley J. Eckenroth
Shirley K Stern, A Spectacular Mother
Shirley L. Pearson
Shirley Lee
Shirley M. Steinmetz
Shirley McCormack: keep fighting mom we love you!
Shirley McElvogue
Shirley Padgett
Shirley Shiltz
Shirley Winters
Shirley's Shufflers Relay Team
Shontel Heckmann
Silvia Chavez
Silvia Torres
sis- Betty Housh love & miss you
sis- Shirley Colley love & miss you
Sisters, Joyce Zukas & Charz Fortunato
Sittie Alena Shadid
Skip Kraft
So many I love....Alice, Mom, Anne, Lynn...too many
So many loved ones affected by this disease
So Many Who Lost Their Fight
Son and Brother, Zeke Lewis
Sondra Dozier
Sondra Ham
Sondra Nussbaum
Sonja N. Schwab
Sonja Selland
Sonny Morris
Sovieda Velasquez
Spadoni family members
Stacey Kavanagh
Stacey Lunn
Stacey Trosper Smith
Stacey Wilson
Staci Pepitone
Stacy Anderson Mallerdino
Stacy Bogan
Stacy Hill Gardner
Stacy Ingalls. Fight like a girl!!!
Stan Banaszek, Jim Banaszek, Paula Banaszek
Stan Johnson
Stan Zimmerman
Stanley Jakiel
Stanley LeFave
Stanley T. Martin
Starlie Oxendine & Dianne Wilkins
Stella Banchetti
Stella Parsons
Stella Ricci
stella stalnecker
Steph Berkner
Steph, Mimi Jo and Aunt Rue
Stephanie Hazel
Stephanie Mikolajczak
Stephanie Pucci
Stephanie Wagner Galetti and Rhys Galetti
Stephanie Williams
Stephen Fitzpatrick and David Motz
Stephen Hillstrom
Stephen Huntington
Stephen Huntington
Stephen Pascuzzi Sr & Stephen Pascuzzi Jr
Stephen Vitali, Sr
Stephen Youngs
Sterling Foster
Steve Bell
Steve Bonomini
Steve Connor
Steve Crobsy
steve depperschmidt
Steve Duffy
Steve Fielding
Steve Jones, loving husband, father and grandfather
Steve McEntee
Steve Niswonger
Steve Oppy
Steve Richman
Steve Seeley
Steve Woods (Grandpaka) We love & miss you!
Steven <3 I love you
Steven Brown
Steven Bruce
Steven Hirsch
Steven J Pino
Steven Lloyd
Steven Siegel
Steven W. Lloyd
Stewart Levesque
Strength to Fight!!!
Stuart M. Schulman
Stuart Maddy
Suanne Taskey
Sue Ann Pringle
Sue Ashcraft
SUE BALDWIN - 2 time survivor
Sue Baldwin- xxoo
Sue Baum
Sue C. Hinds
Sue Carr
Sue Densley
Sue Diermeier
Sue Fellows
Sue Fleming
Sue Fox
Sue Kochu
Sue Larbes
Sue Nutgrass
Sue Padilla, Vera Ornellas, Viney Lyles & Nanci Navarro
Sue Palm
Sue Ward, Wheeling, IL
Sullivan "Sully" Brooks
Sunny Klampe
SUPER SAM SANTHUFF (an adorable 6 year old boy battling Rhabdomyosarcoma)
Superhero Hudson
Survivors! me and Mother
Survivors, caregivers and everyone fighting now!
Susan Almes
Susan Bebout
Susan Bergsten
Susan Berman-Sill
Susan Berry - My Mother - Ovarian Cancer 1984
Susan Bisignaro
Susan Cawood
Susan Cherry
susan curry
Susan Elaine Davis
Susan Grady, Patty Wygal, Hampshire Co. Caner Survivors
Susan Jones
susan Kochu
Susan M. Vujtech
Susan Marie Henrickson
Susan Mcginley Spohn. My strong, loving mom
Susan Messick
Susan Moran Wells
Susan Nichols
Susan Parker
Susan R. Hardisty
Susan Rise
Susan Scheno
Susan Skirpan
Susan Spencer Wood
Susan St.Lawrence
Susan Thompson
Susan Williams
Susan Williams
Susan Zimmerman Buckley
Susana Fernandez
Susann DeViney
Susie Bart...Mom you're our hero!! xoxo
Susie Mason my mother and all my family who have lost their lives to this horrible disease. I love and miss you all dearly.
Suzanne C Gion Sampson
Suzanne Caron
Suzanne Loiselle (Aunt Sue)
Suzanne Prince
Suzer Sachs
Suzette Rives
Suzi DeMichelle
Suzie & Eitchy
Suzzane Mcdermott
Sydney Anastasia
Sydney Davies
Sydney Shreckengost
Sylke Furken
Sylvia Bolaños
Tabbetha Ann Troy
Tahnee Shah
Tahnee Shah
Tahnee Shah
Tahnee Shah
Tahnee Shah
Talia Renee Casey
Talsha Mote..Gwen Smith..Dorothy Taylor..Clifford..Papa and Daddy
Tami Axelton
Tami Gast-Kohrell
Tammy Bart-Williams
Tammy Hyland
Tammy Kanaeholo
Tammy LaScala Koch
Tammy LaScala Koch
Tammy Parker Goble
Tanner Norton
Tanya Covert Frazee
Tanya Dickinson
Tanya Reid
Tanya Reid
Tayden Grohs
TBN & Crazy Caspers
Team Gitelman
Team Melange' of Cal City, IL Relay
Team Payton
Team Whitney
Team: Mill's Militants Against Multiple Myeloma/ETFD
Ted Beaver
Ted Branowitzer
Ted Headley.
Ted Jennings, Jr.
Ted LaValley
Ted Schroeder
Ted Wilkins
Ted Williams
Tena Pellegrine
Terence Bogle
Teresa Ann Britton Seever
Teresa Ann Mcintire "Terri"
Teresa Beers
Teresa Johnson
Teresa Meehan
Teresa Messenger
Teresa Sullivan
Teresa Whittle
Teri R. Reece
Teri R. Reece
Teri Reece
Teri Valent
Terri Larsen
Terri Lynn Zabala
Terri Ross
Terrie Hall
Terrilynn Bresette- Neve
Terry Denny
Terry Duggan
Terry Dukeman
Terry Dumas
Terry Fellows
Terry Foskett Camacho
Terry Frank
Terry Kirk (love you mom)
Terry O'Neill
Terry Quinn
Terry Schuster
Terry Terrell
Terry Whitman
The Annie's of Kentucky
The BEST mom ever...Linda L. Knight
The Best Uncle A Girl Could Have, Jim Yeomans~Love & Miss You Everyday!
The Braniff's
The fabulous Becky Darr McGriff
The family and Friends of the Bennett/Jerrick Family
the fight against Cancer ...
The Fighters and the Caretakers
The Galll Family who fights and supports daily
The Hansen family members - Gone but not forgotten
The Herbert and Lucille Ormond Family
the HOPE that we will finish the fight soon!
The Keenan gang
The Kolenda's
The Lipscomb Family. One day our family won't have to hear that word!
The Lipscomb Family. We are here to Finish The Fight!
The Lost, In Honor of the Survivors, Support for the Warriors!
The Sistas! Maureen and Mary
The strongest woman I know, my mom, my hero, my fighter, my best friend, Clara DaSilva.
The Thumbs up for Lane Goodwin Childhood Cancer Foundation
Thee Andrew Fierstein!
Thelma Foor
Thelma Milner - #1 mom
Thelma Rowe
Thelma Suson
Theodore Travis
Theresa Ann Rollins, my mama
Theresa Bernasconi
Theresa Childress
Theresa Kuhl
Theresa Mack
Theresa Miller
Theresa St. John
Theresa Zabonik
Therese (Terri) Smith
Therese Guimond
Theron and Betty Moore
Thomas "The Best Dad Ever" Wishart
Thomas (TJ) Richardson
Thomas Cowden
Thomas Culhane
Thomas Hartney, son, brother & uncle...Missing you every day!
Thomas Hester
Thomas Hoover, my dad
Thomas J. Green
Thomas J. Liddy
thomas oscar greaver
Thomas Sutherland
Thomas Sutherland
Those engaged in the battle against cancer: past, present, and future!
Those fighting and their caregivers!
Those fighting the Fight!!
Those we've lost.
Those who continue to suffer from cancer
those who fought & lost, those who fought & won, and those who are still fighting.
Those who lost their battle
Those with "clean scans"!
Tiffany Gail Sikora
Tiffany Zimmer
Tim Coolidge
Tim Haskins
Tim Henshaw
Tim Holbrook
Tim Marsell & Teri Pokosh
Tim McGinnis
Tim Robertson
Tim Schroeder
Timothy Keith Powers
Timothy M. Young
Tina Denny
Tina DeWilde- Ruiz 1985-2010
Tina Dunn
Tina Oney
Tina Sandridge, John Pfortsch, Lisa Rotkiske, and Tyler Dixon
Tina Schultz
Tita Rendon
TJ Adams
TJ Johnson
To all Bayonne Relay for Life "Survivors"
To my family and friends
To my Mom, Aunt Susan, Uncle Ralph, Grampy, Grandpa And Grandma Martin. Love all of you always.
To the many members of my family who lost the battle
To the very best pawpaw in the whole wide world, William Stump, we love and miss you so much!
Toby Friedman
Todd Edwards
Todd Jones
Todd Koch
Todd Reiten
Tom & Carolyn Ford
Tom Baum and Ellie Powell
Tom Bechtel
Tom Beyer
Tom C Cook Sr.
Tom Callihan
Tom Cox
Tom Fellows
Tom Fisher
Tom Graham
Tom Hastings
Tom Huntington
Tom Kelly
Tom Lowry
Tom McGough
Tom Mendenhall - Miss you Cuz
Tom Noble
Tom Powell
Tom Ross
Tom Schmit
Tom Vasta Sr.
Tommie Jay Sponsler... I Love and Miss You Dad
Tommy Cox
Tommy Kelly
Tommy Mills
Tommy Pierro~An Amazing Man, Generous Beyond Words & Someone I Am Still Able To Call My Good Friend After Many Years~Two Peas In A Pod! Love You!
Tommy Stephenson (Dad)
Toni Colley
Toni Edwards
Toni Stille "Nammie"
Toni Ward - Miss you my friend!
Tony D'Aurora-
Tony DeVito
Tony Dykes
Tony Hill
Tony Lamar Howell Jr. (T-Bird)
Tony McMillan
Tony N Bales
Tony Norville
Tony Sperry
Tony Stiles
Tonya Reid
Tonyia Nevins
Too Many Friends & Family
Too many friends and family
Too many friends, famly & pets who have gone on ahead
Too many to list. Love & miss you all, TL
Tori Smith
Tracey Coleman + Karen Whittemore
Tracey Naranjo
Tracey Paige
Traci Lipscomb
Traci Silva
Tracy Compton
Tracy Cook
Tracy Harnly "Attitude is Everything!"
Tracy Keller
Tracy Nelson- great friend
Tracy Reed
Tracy S Litman Churchel
Tracy Sherckengost
Tracy Tillison
Trish Burchett
Trish, Kay, Sue, and all my other "family"
Troy Pallette
Trudy Druschba
Trudy Edwards
Trudy Kuiper
Tyler Nielsen
Tyler Nielsen
Tyler Woods
Tyler Woods
Una Merle Emerson
Uncle Bert Gibber, RIP
Uncle Bill
Uncle Bill Lowe & Auntie Esther Lowe
Uncle Bob
Uncle Chuck Hartley
Uncle Dan
Uncle Frank McConnell
Uncle Gus
Uncle James Kelly
Uncle John
Uncle John-John
Uncle Matty Martin
Uncle Mike Lupinacci
Uncle Mike, greatest godfather ever
Uncle Rich McAndrews
Uncle Ronnie
Uncle Tony
V.R. "Skeet" Quinlan, Jr.
Valerie A. Jusick
Valerie Broadbent
Valerie Wiacek
Valrie Perry
Vanessa Emanuelli
Vayda Savannah Heard
Velma D Byrd
Velma Thornburg
Verley Gunter
Vern Mendenhall - Our Dad
Vern Winkle
Vic Sanvidge
Vickey Selby
Vicki Ford
Vicki Lindsey
Vicki Mahrenholz
Vicki Moryc
Vickie and Ivy Maddy
Vickie C Evans
Vickie Gray-Woodard
Vickie Mackey
Vickie Mackey & Angela Bier
Vicky Diane Plante, my sister
Victor Perreault Sr, Ramona Perreault & Victor Perreault Jr
Victor Thomas
Victoria Lynn Davenport
Vidal Centeno
Vikki Blount
Vina Patel
Vince & Helen Streicher, Mary Fleck & Jackie Tanner
Vince Crane
Vincent Boardman
Vinette Lewinson (Grandma)
Violet Brook Antone
Violet Mae LaBruyere Joiner
Vira Brooks
Virgie Smith, Mom of Larry Smith, Pancreatic Cancer
Virgil L. Winnie
Virginia "Jennie" Ferrell
Virginia Ash
Virginia Fischer
Virginia Fitzpatrick--Grandma Fitz
Virginia Goodman 03241941--08262014
Virginia James -My MOM is a FIGHTER!
Virginia Korte
Virginia L Boehm
Virginia Orlando
Virginia Thomas
Vivi Sexauer
Vivian Denton
Vivian Sullivan
Voice of Hope - East Central Division
W T & Louise Byrd
Wade Johnson
Waigong and Waipo
Waigong, Waipo, and Uncle Yeh
Wallace Garlington
Wally Kisil
Wally Kujava (dad) , Warren PA
Wally Lininger
Wally Voigt
Walt Cunningham
Walt Eddy
Walter Alonzo Wolf
Walter Andrews
Walter Bohard
Walter Davis
Walter Dunn, Jr
Walter H. Samples
Walter Weniger Jr.
Walter/Labus Family members
Wanda Childers
Wanda Freehan
Wanda Killoran
Wanda Mershon
Wanda Nix Holcomb
Wanda T. Wooten
Wanda Welsh
Wanda Wilson
Warren "whitey" Balthaser
Warren G. Marquart
Warren Hamlin
Warren Neu
Warren Yuninger
Wayne A. Henry
Wayne Adams
Wayne and Judy Johnston
Wayne Bivens
Wayne Hausman
Wayne Konitzer
Wayne Lambert
Wayne McMillan
Wayne Turner
Wayne Turner
Wayne Turner (My Father)
Wayne Whipple
We are Haylie Strong!!
Welma Colston
Wendell Partain
Wendy Bakner
Wendy Lee Graham-Hamil (mom-wife-daughter)
Wendy Pults Neal
Wendy S. Noble
Wendy Swan
Wes Anderson
Wesley and Loretta Kennedy
Western Piedmont Speak Easy Club
Whilhelm K. Bandorf
Whit Tullar
Wilbur Francis Sully
Will Jackson
Willa Jaquess (my mom)
Willa Key
Willard Glen Meyer
Willette Ellison
William "Bill" McFadden
William "Booty" Bishop
William "Joe" McFadden
William A. Harris, Sr.
William B Wiegner
William B. Stratton - "Dad"!
William Becker
William Boyce
William Dawson
William deGraaf
William E. Van Atta
William F Unser
William Gibson, my father
William H. & Margaret A. Behrer
William Henderson
William Holman
William J. Floyd III
William Jackson Camden Jr.
William K. Shields, Jr. my daddy...
William M. Miller
William Mehall -The BEST daddy in the world!
William Nelson
William Peiler "Pops"
William Skinner
William Swearengin
William Uncle Billy Morris
William W. Jarrett
William Widi
William Wilson~~Chloe and Raylans Papa
William Wohlwend
William"Bay" Hill
Willie & Janice Scurlock
Willie Benjamin
Willie Duke, my dad
Willie Gatten
Willie Houghton
Willie L. Bennett
Wilma Aenne Elevier
Wilma Bennett
Wilma Beppler
Wilma Crase
Wilma Lee
Wilma Prather, Ken Kramer
Winnie Sara
Winona Archer
Winsor St. Clair
Winston Barrington
Wm. Herschell McCullough
Woody Wilson
Wyatt Brewer
Wyatt Deno the Warrior
Wynters Ashley
xochitl rosiles
Yaffa Serrajian
Yann Lock
Yayoi Iwamoto
Yogi Craft
Yolanda Carpenter
Yolanda Felan Escobar (Colon Cancer) RIP
Yolanda Garcia
Yolie Benito
You Know Who You Are!!! XO
Yvonne Goss
Yvonne Hoffmann
Yvonne Muska
Yvonne Peterson
Zach Lau
Zach Lau
Zach Sobiech
Zach Sobiech
Zachary Joseph Gonzales
Zack Colbert
Zack Latteri
Zandy Sees
Zane Chung
Zelia Josey Safrit
Zemira Perreault
Zen Anthony
Zenia Velinsky
Zhanedil Mukazhanov
White Luminaria Bags

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