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Our teams are what make our event incredible, successful, and filled with passion.

This year, we are sharing the stories of those teams. Each story rings home our phrase, "Who are you riding for?".

Meet Our Teams!

Team MidBike Crisis

From Emil Skobeloff, Team Captain:

Team MidBike Bike Crisis is an outgrowth of a small group of people who cycled from Pittsburgh, PA to Media, Pa in May of 2012. Nearly everyone was a stranger to each another at the start. But, due to the rigors of the trail, roads and mountains, we bonded together and found ourselves cycling together as a cohesive band of friends who enjoyed our personal diversity and mutual interest in fundraising for cancer research. As captain, I had lost a sister, mother, cousins, aunts, uncles and friends to the scourge of this cruel group of mercilessly destructive diseases. My co-captain, Rich Andreus was a two-time cancer survivor who had been a US National Cycling Champion, USA Olympic Cyclist and a perennial rider on the world tour. He also suffers from the advanced stages of Parkinson’s and MS. As our inspiration, we decided to make a commitment to fight back against Cancer. Gary Stewart, one of our perennial stalwarts lost his dad to cancer as well, and, rides with his dad’s name painted on his bike. He magnifies our dedication.

As years have gone by, we have considered ourselves the Little Engine that Could. With about a dozen, more or less riders, we have managed to finish in the top 1-2 dozen teams in fund raising since our inception in 2013. We take pride in that accomplishment. Other teams significantly eclipse our size, and we respect their fervency,we refuse to be outworked. We believe in the goals of the ACS. And, helping in this fight is our passion. e appreciate the support we get each year from Cycle Fit of Delaware County. Thanks John and Pete Weniger.

We are delighted to accept the challenge and return for our 2018 campaign.

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