2013 Rear Saver 5k/8K
Colorectal Awareness Walk/Run

On behalf of the American Cancer Society, I want to express my deepest thanks for all you’ve done to help fight cancer by joining us for the Rear Saver 5k/8k. We are so grateful to the many volunteers and supporters that have made Rear Saver a special event to fight back against colorectal cancer.


Last month, we announced that we would be taking a new approach to how participants can join the American Cancer Society to support colorectal cancer awareness. As a Rear Saver participant and one of our most valued supporters, we want you to know what we are doing and why we have made this decision.


Starting in January 2104, people who want to turn their passion for running into support for colorectal cancer awareness will be able to join our DetermiNation team at events in Chicago, New York City and Philadelphia. As a DetermiNation team member, you will have access to training and the ultimate VIP race experience, whether you are a first-timer or an endurance expert.


As we begin to move the opportunity for you to support colorectal cancer awareness to the DetermiNation program, we will be transitioning out of our Rear Saver events.   The transition will enable you to continue to dedicate your participation in an endurance event, such as a half-marathon or marathon, to the fight against cancer, and will allow us to better direct our resources into saving the most lives possible from cancer.


By taking this new approach to a combined Rear Saver and DetermiNation program, we will reduce operating costs, create a greater return on your investment in us, and make the best use of every dollar you raise on our behalf. However, we know that you may have questions and concerns about this decision. Please feel free to contact us at 1-866-227-7915 or by visiting cancer.org/contact.

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